Alumni, friends, and parents of Yale Athletics, commonly referred to as boosters, often visit campus and attend athletics functions when prospective student-athletes are also present.  NCAA regulations restrict the type and amount of contact permissible with these prospective Yale student-athletes.

·        Parents may not have any contact with prospective student-athletes on- or off-campus.

·         Parents may not provide any benefits (e.g., meals and transportation) to prospective student-athletes and/or their families on- or off-campus.

Below are a few commonly asked questions:

I know there is a prospect and his/her parent on an official visit and I see them at my son/daughter’s game.  May I ask them to sit with me and tell them all about my son/daughter’s experience?

No.  Unfortunately, NCAA rules prohibit this kind of contact between parents of current student-athletes and prospective student-athletes and their parents.

A few prospects are on campus to watch the game, may we invite them to the post-game tailgate sponsored by team parents?

No.  NCAA rules prohibit contact between boosters and prospective student-athletes and they also prohibit the provision of expenses, including meals, by boosters to prospective student-athletes.

I flew in for a game weekend and plan to attend the post-game tailgate/reception. My neighbor’s daughter is applying to Yale and I really want to bring her along so she can meet my daughter and other alumni and parents.  May I bring her to campus and to the post-game reception?

No.  NCAA rules prohibit prospective student-athletes from knowingly or purposefully having contact with alumni and friends of Yale athletics, or from receiving extra benefits.

I am in the New Haven area and want to take my son/daughter’s team out to dinner.  May I take the team to dinner and also invite any local prospective team members that have been admitted to Yale already?

You may invite the team over or take them out for an occasional meal, but you may not invite any prospective student-athlete who has not already enrolled as a full-time college student.  You must receive approval from the compliance office prior to hosting an occasional meal.

More information can be found at  Please do not hesitate to contact the compliance office if you have any questions about this information or anything else.