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Yale Field Hockey Alum Dawg Challenge and Participation Challenge

The Fourth Annual Alum Dawg Challenge has come to an end. We are very excited about what we have achieved this fall.....


As a team, we have raised $48,036 from 44 individual donors! We have made significant strides towards achieving our 2016-2017 fiscal year goal of $80,000. 

We want to take this time to extend a huge thank you to all for the support of the Yale Field Hockey Program. Your involvement makes a big difference to the team's experience and the future of the program.

Now for this challenge's winners…. DRUM ROLL, PLEASE…..

Team Dawgs with over $35,000 in team giving!


This is a terrific accomplishment. But as always there is more to do. This year we have challenged ourselves to raise $80,000—the highest annual giving goal in the history of the YFH program. And we can do this, with the help of everyone. No gift is too small. If we all give a little, as a whole it will make a major mark. So join in your team and see what a difference we can make together!

To keep the competitive juices flowing, we are announcing a second competition that will run through June 30, 2017— the SECOND ANNUAL YFH PARTICIPATION CHALLENGE! 

We will stay with the five teams already established—Team Eli, Team Sterling, Team Big Blue, Team Ivy, and Team Dawgs—but this time its all about participation. 

By the end of this fiscal year, whichever team has the greatest percentage of participation from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017, will be declared the winner. Members of the winning team who make a gift during this year will receive YFH Swag!

We will be counting the number of donors who make a gift or make a payment on an existing pledge. Each person affiliated with a team counts as ONE DONOR. Family of current team members are affiliated with the player and are assigned to her graduation year.

We will check in during the course of the fiscal year and give you status reports until we reach the conclusion on June 30! 

We will provide you the first participation numbers in January 2017. 

Please encourage your teammates to get involved! 

Are you #ALLIN?!

We are so very thankful for your generosity this year and every year.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

Heather & Lorraine

Need a reminder on how to give? 

You can find the ways to give here.

  • Here is a link Yale's page if you would like to make a gift or a new pledge to be paid one time or in installments by June 30, 2016.  
  • Here is a link to Yale’s page if you would like to make a multi-year pledge.

    In both cases, choose “Athletics” and then choose “Field Hockey.”        
  • To give by check, make out your check to Yale University and note “Field Hockey Association” in the memo line. Mail the check to Yale Athletic Association, P.O. Box 1844, New Haven, CT 06508. 

You can also support the Yale Field Hockey program with your reunion donation. All gifts to Yale Field Hockey will count towards your personal and class-giving five-year totals for your next reunion. Please view the Athletic Reunion Giving FAQs to learn more.