Yale Strength and Conditioning Brooks-Dwyer Varsity Strength Training Facility

The Brooks-Dwyer Varsity Weight Room occupies 7,000 square feet on the 4th floor of Payne Whitney Gymnasium. It resides within the 21,000 square feet Adrian C. Israel Fitness Center in a space originally occupied by racquetball/squash courts and a golf practice room. This facility was dedicated in May 1999 as part of a capital project undertaken to expand and modernize this 70-year-old "cathedral of sports". The varsity weight room serves each of the University's 35 intercollegiate sports programs and is equipped with rugged, versatile equipment such that groups of up to 70 student-athletes can train concurrently with optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

The Brooks-Dwyer Varsity Weight Room was created in memory of Charles W. Brooks '35 and Martin Dwyer, Jr. '44 through the generosity of Michael C. Brooks '67 (Senior Partner, J.H. Whitney & Co., Stamford CT) and Diana Dwyer Brooks '72 (President, Sotheby's Holdings Inc., New York NY).

Workouts are designed and supervised by one of the strength and conditioning staff's Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists. The Bulldog Power philosophy couples functional multi-joint movements with fundamental principles: exercise techniques are simplified and performed on an alternating heavy/explosive basis in order to maximize training effects while minimizing residual fatigue (as well as teaching and training time). Performance-based fitness and work quality are the bottom-line objectives at all times. The weight room's equipment reflects the program's philosophy, and allows student-athletes from all teams to perform an unlimited variety of exercises and movements.