Yale Athletics Training Glossary

Term Description/Definition
Avulsion Fracture Disruption of soft tissue with it's bony attachment
Cartilage(Meniscus) Fibrous soft tissue formation located in a joint which serves as a shock absorber and spacer
Concussion Contusion to the brain
Contusion Crushing of tissue
Dislocation Complete disunion of at least one of the bones in a joint
Fracture A complete or partial interuption of a bony surface
Ligament Soft tissue connecting a bone to another bone
Reconstruction Rebuilding of a body part or joint
Severity First, second, or third degree corresponding to a mild, moderate, or severe injury
Spasm A muscle's protective splinting mechanism
Sprain Disruption of ligamentous fibers
Strain Disruption of muscle fibers
Subluxation Partial shifting of a bone in a joint
Tendonitis Inflammation of a tendon
Tendon Soft tissue connecting a muscle to a bone