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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can boosters contact prospects to encourage them to attend Yale?
A: No. Any such contact could result in the prospect being declared ineligible to participate in Yale athletics.

Q: Is it permissible for a booster to earmark funds for a specific prospect to attend a camp at Yale?
No. However, boosters may donate funds to the high school, and the school and the students will decide which camps they attend.

Q: May a booster treat an individual student-athlete or an entire team to a meal?
A: Yes. A booster may provide a meal to an individual student-athlete, a group of student-athletes, or an entire team. The meal must take place in the home of the booster or at an on-campus facility that is regularly used for competition.  The meal may be catered. It is not permissible to provide a meal at any other locations.

Q: May a booster ask a student-athlete or entire team to endorse a commercial product?
A: No. A student-athlete may not be involved in the advertisement, recommendation, or promotion of commercial products and/or services because of the potential effect on his/her amateur status. However, there are certain instances when student-athletes may be involved with charitable, educational, and non-profit promotional activities. Please contact the Yale Compliance Office prior to soliciting student-athlete involvement in these activities.

Q: What happens if someone commits a violation?
A: All violations carry penalties. Student-Athletes may lose eligibility, be prohibited from competition, or be required to pay financial restitution. Coaches and staff may be reprimanded and prohibited from recruiting activities. Boosters may be subject to a loss of benefits and privileges, including the revocation of season tickets and, in severe cases, disassociation from the institution.