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 Team Rest Periods
Students in each sport will have a "rest period" totaling 49 days during the academic year. These periods shall have no required athletic activity, no voluntary activity under the supervision of a team-coach, no team athletic activities [e.g. no "captain's practices"], and no team or team member athletically related activities resulting from encouragement by the coaching staff to engage in such activity. Under no circumstances will any athletically related activity involving team members be supervised by a team-coach, nor will facilities be reserved for team activities.

a. Team members will be free to participate in any recreational venue or activity open to all other students, and to have whatever supervision is provided in those circumstances. Sport specific facilities and equipment normally open only to team members or permitted to be used only under the supervision of the coaching staff for safety reasons (e.g. archery range, gymnastics venue, rowing tanks, rowing shells) may not be used by team members during these "rest periods". Institutions may permit the use of "varsity" weight rooms and cardiovascular equipment (including ergometers), but with no advance scheduling or team-coach supervision. Strength and conditioning coaches who perform such duties on a department-wide basis may supervise the use of the weight room and cardiovascular equipment, but may not conduct workouts.

b. When a rest period is scheduled in the first two weeks of the fall term, a team coach may conduct one organizational meeting for prospective team members during that time provided no physical or sport-related activity occurs.

c. Rest periods will be scheduled so that each student has a rest period of 49 days per academic year. The choice of rest periods must include the seven days prior to out of season examination periods. All rest period schedules must be approved by a designated institutional administrator.

(1) Periods must be scheduled at a time when classes, reading period, or examinations are in session.

(2) For an in-season day to count as a day off, the entire team must have the day off. Out-of-season days may be scheduled separately for individuals.

(3) Periods may be scheduled during times when there is the possibility of post-season play only if time remains in the academic year for that time to be rescheduled (note especially in spring sports). With the permission of the Ivy Office, a rest period may be scheduled in individual sports during time of post-season play if a very small number of students are participating in such play and the time is rescheduled for those individuals.

(4) In spring sports no more than two weeks (14 days) may be scheduled after the end of the regular season.

d. Students who participate in three seasons (particularly cross country, indoor and outdoor track) will be encouraged to take time off between seasons.

e. The Ivy Office may grant a waiver for reduced rest periods if requested by the institution's Policy Committee member for individual "elite" athletes who are training for a specific national or international event and who would be significantly disadvantaged if prohibited from training with a team coach (e.g., swimmer preparing for national-team/Olympic selection trials in April, after end of college season).