Graduate-Professional Intramurals Registration

Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer


Grad-Pro Intramural Sports are open to students, faculty and staff of the University. The purpose of the program is to provide leisure opportunities which promote pleasant and sometimes challenging experiences that compliment academic and occupational pursuits. The Intramural Office is located in the Payne Whitney Gymnasium. The intramural hotline is 432-2487.

The Grad-Pro Intramural Sports Calendar includes team activities in volleyball, soccer, softball and basketball usually consisting of round-robin play followed by playoffs. All games are played on weekends during the academic year and on weekday evenings during the summer. The length of the schedules and quantity of games reflects the number of registered teams and the availability of facilities. Most sports consist of competitive, recreational and corecreational leagues. Competitive leagues are intended for 'higher skilled' players, recreational leagues are intended for the 'average competitor', and corecreational leagues are designed for teams utilizing combined teams of men and women with minimum gender requirements for specific sports.

Team rosters must be submitted prior to the registration deadline to ensure placement in the league. It can be delivered in person or faxed to 432-2495. Team rosters must include a complete list of players. Hence, only rostered players are eligible to compete. If necessary, additional players may be added to the roster by e-mailing Karen Parady-Raucci and calling the Intramural Office before 4PM on the Friday before the scheduled contest. Any discovered utilization of an unrostered player results in forfeit of the contest. Captains meetings are scheduled prior to each sport season and at this time schedules and rules are distributed. Individuals unaffiliated with a team should attend the captains meeting for their desired sport where they will be drafted onto teams.

A $20 (CASH ONLY) team registration fee must accompany each team entry. Captains that fail to post the registration fee by the deadline date may have their teams removed from the draw and placed on a waiting list. The deposit is refunded at the conclusion of the season provided the team completes all of its scheduled games. If a team forfeits any game the deposit is lost. A second forfeit results in expulsion from the league.