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Handsome Dan IX


Born September 11, 1953 and owned by John E. Sanders, Assistant Professor of Geology, after an earlier custody by physical education instructor, Alfred E. Scholz and Varsity Crew Coach Jim Rothschmidt. He made his mascot debut at the age of six weeks. The following spring, the dog nearly perished while attending to his crew duties. He missed a step while on the docks at Derby, and tumbled head-first into the Housatonic. Varied reports are that the dog was found head-first in the mud, with his tail wagging, and unable to move. Another is that he was doing a submarine bit by walking along the bottom towards shore in several feet of water. In any event, he was rescued, resuscitated and moved to a home on higher ground, with preference towards drier terrain at the Bowl. At his death, an autopsy reveled he succumbed to acute nephrosis with scarcely any kidney left. "His only other difficulty was having an enlarged athlete's, if you please, heart!" and he was also noted for his "dry jowls". (J.E. Sanders)