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Handsome Dan XI


Answered to Oliver and was owned by Dean and Mrs. Horace Taft. Oliver, of royal descent, was born September 19, 1966; was a brindle with white markings, and registered with the Kennel Club. Oliver was bought for John Hersey, then master of Pierson College, by a group of students. When Mr. Hersey left his post, Oliver summered at Martha's Vineyard. Upon his return, he resided with the Tafts where he is was a member of the household. Handsome Dan started his assignment as Yale's mascot in November, 1969. He loved football and could be seen at the games escorted by Ho-Ho Taft, son of Mr. and Mrs. Taft. He suffered from arthritis and was accused of sleeping in the sun at football games. He was retired of old age at the end of the 1974 football season.