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Prospective Student-Athletes

Information for Prospective Student-Athletes

Thank you for your interest in Yale Athletics. There are many important rules and obligations you will need to understand in order to be eligible for competition at the collegiate level. The following information and links to other sites will help you get started in the right direction.


Prospective Student-Athlete
You become a "prospect" when you begin classes for the ninth grade, OR if the institution provides you with any financial assistance or other benefits that the institution does not provide to prospective students generally. (Note: in men's basketball, you become a prospect after starting classes in seventth grade). In addition, student-athletes enrolled in preparatory school or two-year colleges, or those who have officially with drawn from a four-year school, are considered prospects.

Recruited Prospective Student-Athlete
You become a "recruited student-athlete" when an institution's staff members or athletics representative provides you with any of the following;
a) An official paid visit
b) Having an arranged, in-person, off-campus encounter with you or your parents or legal guardians
c) Initiating or arranging a telephone contact with you, your parents, or your legal guardians on more than one occasion for the purpose of recruitment
d) Issuing a National Letter of Intent or the institution's written offer of athletically related financial aid

NCAA Eligibility Center
The national clearinghouse for initial eligibility for all collegiate student-athletes is the NCAA Eligiblity Center. You will have to be certified by the Eligibility Center in order to compete in college. Most people take care of this in the spring or summer of their senior year. You must go online and register with the clearinghouse. In addition, your high school must send an official transcript, test scores, and proof of graduation. Most high school guidance counselors are familiar with this process and will facilitate your requests.

Please visit the home page of the team you are interested in to fill out that team's recruiting questionnaire. It will be forwarded to the sport's recruiting coordinator. Please note that NCAA rules do not allow coaches to send recruiting materials to prospects until Sept. 1 at the beginning of a prospect's junior year in high school. They may send only a questionnaire before that time.

Unofficial Visit
You may visit Yale University at any time before and including your senior year. There is no limit on the number of times you may visit at your own expense. (In men's basketball, a prospect may not make unofficial visits during the month of July). You may be issued three complementary tickets to a Yale athletic contest issued only through a gate list.

Official Visit
An official visit is a visit to the institution that is financed in whole or part by Yale. This visit may not exceed 48 hours. Yale may pay the transportation costs to and from our campus for the prospect, but not the prospects parents, legal guardians or coach. Once on campus meals, lodging and entertainment comparable to that of normal student life may be provided to the prospect and the prospect's parents or legal guardians. Prospects may make up to 5 official paid visits to college campuses.

Financial Aid
No school in the Ivy League offers aid based on athletic ability. Like all Ivy League institutions, Yale University offers financial aid based on need. Please go to the following link for more information on financial aid at Yale.

Yale University encourages students to apply using the online application system. Please use the following link for information on admissions.

Information about the Ivy League can be found here.