No. 1 Bulldogs Ready For Busy Weekend

Thomas Barrows and Blair Belling.
Thomas Barrows and Blair Belling.

Events Spread Across New England

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- The fall campaign continues for the No. 1 Bulldogs this weekend, as sailors head to New London, Conn., and Boston for racing action.  Elis will attend the Danmark Trophy at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, the Smith Trophy at MIT and Southern Series Four at Connecticut College.

Last week the Bulldogs finished well at both co-ed events, taking fourth at the Hood Trophy at Tufts and eighth at the Chris Loder Trophy at the University of New Hampshire.  Both events were fraught with light breezes, but it appears that this weekend will bring a change of pace for competitors.  Early weather forecasts peg the weekend wind at 8-12 knots, though rain is likely.

Twenty teams from around the country will travel to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy for the Danmark Trophy.  Coast Guard boasts fleets of FJs and 420s, and sailors will split the regatta between the two dinghies.  Last year the Bulldogs finished eighth in an event characterized by "wacky conditions on the Thames River," according to the ICSA report. 

In one of college sailing's largest events, 31 teams will attend the Smith Trophy at MIT.  The event will be sailed in MIT's unique Tech dinghy.  The large fleet size will force sailors to adopt different strategies than a standard 18-boat event.  Especially tricky will be the start, when all 31 teams will vie for the best position on the same stretch of water.  Last year the Bulldogs took 10th place against a 27-boat fleet.

Sailors will also race at Southern Series Four at Connecticut College.  The event, featuring 14 teams from southern and central New England, will be sailed in FJs.  Connecticut College also sails on the Thames River in New London, Conn., and the possibility of three fleets on the river at the same time should make for an exciting spectacle. 

All racing begins Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

report by Andrew Kurzrok '11, Yale Sports Publicity