2017-18 Yale Coed Sailing News

  • Bulldogs Top Five at Atlantic Coast Championship
    November 12, 2017
    After a very, very cold day of competition on Saturday and a warmer but less consistent day of breeze on Sunday, the Yale coed sailing team finished fifth at the Atlantic Coast Championship, the last and most competitive event of the fall season. The Bulldogs came close to a very solid result, finishing within five points of second place and only fourteen out of first.
  • No. 4 Bulldogs To Compete at Atlantic Coast Championship
    November 08, 2017
    The last weekend of competition for the Yale coed team starts on Saturday at the State University of New York Maritime Academy. SUNY will host the most competitive coed dinghy event of the fall season, the Atlantic Coast Championship. The competition will be as close to the competition level found at the national championship in the spring and will be the best look at the team’s overall performance at that level.
  • Baird and Lamphere Finish Ninth and Tenth at Singlehanded Nationals
    November 05, 2017
    Senior Malcolm Lamphere and junior Nic Baird finished tenth and ninth in an extremely challenging fleet at the Laser Performance Men’s Singlehanded Nationals this weekend.
  • No.2 Bulldogs Travel to Florida for Singlehanded Nationals
    November 01, 2017
    The Yale coed sailing team finished the regular season last weekend and has just two weekends left in the fall season. This weekend, the majority of the team will take a weekend off to rest and catch up on work while two members will travel down to Florida to compete at the singlehanded nationals, the first national championship of the year.
  • No. 2 Bulldogs To Sail In Conference Championship
    October 25, 2017
    The Yale coed sailing team approaches the end of the season this weekend with the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association Conference championship, or the Schell trophy, being held at MIT. The Schell trophy is not only the conference championship, but also the qualifier for the Atlantic Coast Championship hosted by the State University of New York Maritime Academy, which is the most competitive coed regatta before the national championships in the spring. The annual Nickerson trophy is also held this weekend at Tufts, a first-year only regatta that serves as the first-year championship. The Bulldogs will be looking to perform well at both, and finish at least within the top eight teams at the Schell trophy, which the team won handily last year.
  • No. 2 Bulldogs Sixth at Hinman, Second at Hoyt Trophy
    October 22, 2017
    The Yale coed sailing team sailed well at the top level for the last regular season weekend of the fall. With sailors at the Hoyt trophy, the Oberg trophy and the Hinman regatta, a breadth of experience was gained. Knowledge about the venue at the Oberg, hosted by MIT, will come in handy next weekend as it is the same venue as the conference championship regatta. The first-year and senior team of Shawn Harvey and KB Knapp debuted in A division at a major interconference regatta, and four other Yale sailors competed at the Hinman trophy, the open national championship in team racing.
  • No. 2 Bulldogs to Compete at National Team Race Championship, Hoyt and Oberg Regattas
    October 19, 2017
    The last weekend of regular season competition approaches as the Yale coed sailing team prepares for the Hoyt and Oberg trophies at Brown and MIT. Meanwhile, four of the team’s sailors will be going to Long Island to compete in the Hinman trophy, which is the US team racing national championship and a qualifier for the world team racing championship.
  • No. 2 Bulldogs Win Captain Hurst Trophy, Second at Team Race
    October 15, 2017
    The Yale coed sailing team just came off a successful weekend, winning the major interconference and getting second at the two team race regattas held in Boston. With temperatures still warm, weather patterns kept New England from experiencing much wind until late Sunday afternoon, when much of the racing took place.  
  • No. 2 Bulldogs to Sail at Dartmouth, in Boston and in Providence This Weekend
    October 12, 2017
    The Yale coed sailing team will compete this weekend at Dartmouth, Boston College, Providence College and Tufts University. It will send three different teams out and will be competing in the first team race regatta of the year, one of the only regattas of this type held in the fall.
  • No. 2 Bulldogs Finish Third at Moody, Fourth at Storm Trisail
    October 08, 2017
    The Yale coed sailing team sailed in a long extension of a hurricane arm this weekend making each event get windier as more races were completed. The team, split between two regattas, did well, finishing in the top five at both.
  • No. 2 Bulldogs To Compete at Moody Trophy and Storm Trisail Big Boat Regatta
    October 05, 2017
    Many of the Yale coed sailors will be taking the weekend off this weekend as there are not many events available to enter. There is one interconference as well as a big boat regatta held at the Larchmont Yacht Club. It could be a good opportunity for many of the athletes to rest mentally and physically as they are in the midst of midterm season.  
  • No. 2 Bulldogs Battle Difficult Weather in New England This Weekend
    October 02, 2017
    he Yale coed sailing team neared the half-way point in their season this weekend where they looked to come out with a strong finish at all three events, but came short of where they would have liked to be. Poor weather and poor conditions hindered the completion of racing on Saturday at all events.
  • Bulldogs Win Conference Champs, Qualify Two for Nationals, Finish Well at Two Interconference Regattas
    September 24, 2017
    With teams all over the east coast, the Yale coed sailing team saw lots of variable conditions in each venue this past weekend. Solid breeze shifting upwards of twenty degrees at times met the sailors at Roger Williams for the New England Singlehanded Championships on Saturday, and Sunday saw no wind until the sea breeze filled in from the east southeast at eight knots. According to captain Claire Huebner, the contingent at the Salt Pond Invite had “great conditions with breeze around 13-17 knots which died off throughout the day and flat water. We sailed 6 races per division on Saturday with the first race in A being dropped due to a race committee error.” The Tufts group saw extremely light conditions on Saturday only getting four races off on Saturday and only getting two A races, which did not count, on Sunday. The St. Mary’s team saw some classic St. Mary’s conditions with light and very shifty winds all weekend.
  • Yale Coed Sailing Team Competing in Two Major Interconference Regattas and a Conference Championship This Weekend
    September 20, 2017
    The Yale coed sailing team will compete this weekend in a conference championship as well as two major interconference regattas and a small regional event. The New England Men?s Singlehanded championships will be held at Roger Williams University. The Bulldogs will compete there for four qualifying spots to make it to the national championships in St. Petersburg, Fla. in November. Sailors will also compete at Tufts for the Hood Trophy, the most competitive double-handed event in New England this weekend, and at the St. Mary?s Intersectional, the Mid-Atlantic District?s best event. Lastly, the Bulldogs will sail at the Salt Pond Invite at the University of Rhode Island.
  • Bulldogs Find Variable Winds All Over New England
    September 18, 2017
    This weekend featured some of the most highly attended and most difficult regattas of the season for the Yale coed sailing team which competed in two, three division regattas as well as a two division event. Fielding a total of fifteen sailors without using any substitutes. It was a tough weekend for the Bulldogs, with conditions being variable all over New England.
  • Coed Sailing Team Competing in Three Events This Weekend
    September 13, 2017
    The Yale Coed Sailing Team will compete in three regattas this weekend: The Hatch Brown Trophy at MIT, the Nevins Trophy at the US Merchant Marine Academy at King’s Point and the Callagy Ross trophy at the University of Vermont. The Hatch Brown and Nevins Trophies are both top-level interconference regattas with the Hatch Brown representing more of the New England conference and the Nevins hosting the best teams of the Mid Atlantic conference. The Callagy Ross Trophy will serve as a qualifier for the Moody, another top-level interconference held at the University of Rhode Island on October 7-8.
  • Yale Coed Sailing Finishes Strong in Season Opening Weekend
    September 10, 2017
    The Yale coed sailing team completed a successful first weekend of the season with a victory at the Mt. Hope Bay Invitational and a close second at home at the Harry Anderson Trophy.
  • Coed Sailing Team to Compete at First Regatta of the Season
    September 06, 2017
    The Yale Coed Sailing Team are preparing for their first regattas of the season this weekend. The coed team will compete at home and at Roger Williams University this weekend at the Harry Anderson Trophy and the Mt. Hope Bay Invitational, respectively. The Harry Anderson Trophy is the first major interconference regatta of the year. It will serve as a good event for the team, which has lost a large senior class and half its starters from last year, to test itself against other top teams. The Mt. Hope Bay Invitational will also be a good event for the rest of the coed team to get back into racing and begin to learn its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Coed Sailing Welcomes Class of 2021
    July 18, 2017
    The Yale Coed Sailing team will be welcoming twelve new members to the team for the 2017-18 season, exactly the same number of seniors who graduated last year. Four will come in as skippers, seven as crews and one as a skipper/crew. The new class of sailors will make up over one third of the team as a whole, so it will be an team wide effort to get the new class up to speed with college style racing in order to continue the strong showing the team has had for the last several years.
  • 2017-18 Coed Sailing Schedule Announced
    July 11, 2017
    The Yale Coed Sailing Team will face a similar schedule to years past. Each regular season regatta scores points for the team that creates a scheduling ranking, from which the teams get a draft style selection of the regattas they can enter for the next year. After yet another incredibly strong season for the Bulldogs, they were able to enter every regatta they hoped for, which will provide both difficult events each weekend as well as learning opportunities for the incoming freshmen.