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Bulldogs Head to Rhode Island

Bulldogs Head to Rhode Island

NEW HAVEN, CONN. – After a long spring break worth of training and some rest, the Bulldogs will travel to Rhode Island this weekend to compete in the Friis Trophy in what looks to be dismal weather. Both days will be under 45 degrees and Sunday could bring a blizzard. Nevertheless, the Bulldogs are looking forward to testing their skills again, and hopefully showing their dominant form, which has been present at times, for the entirety of the weekend.


A mix of wind conditions will be present this weekend, anything from nearly no breeze at all to upwards of fifteen knots. This time, the team should have their full squad including heavy crews available, which should be an advantage should it get windy on Sunday.


Competing for the Bulldogs will be skippers senior Malcolm Lamphere, juniors Nick Hernandez and Nic Baird, and first-year Shawn Harvey, and crews senior KB Knapp, junior Kira Woods, sophomore Graceann Nicolosi, and first-years Sonia Lingos-Utley and Nicholas Marwell.


The team only has two regattas left before the New England qualifiers, so they are looking to refine discipline and get some consistency in each race.


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Report filed by Nic Baird '19, Yale Sports Publicity