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Bulldogs Head to the Charles

Harvey and Knapp competing in Charleston earlier this season. Photo courtesy of Colin Grey Voigt.
Harvey and Knapp competing in Charleston earlier this season. Photo courtesy of Colin Grey Voigt.

NEW HAVEN, CONN. – The Bulldogs have a big weekend ahead of them, traveling to the Charles to compete in both the Marchiando team race and BU Trophy. With the Marchiando being the final regatta before the New England team race qualifiers, the event will have some of the best teams in the country competing.

Racing for the Bulldogs at the Marchiando hosted by MIT will be skippers senior Malcolm Lamphere, junior Nick Hernandez, and first-year Shawn Harvey. Crews senior KB Knapp, junior Kira Woods, and first-year Sonia Lingos-Utley will continue their normal roles. Without the presence of junior skipper Nic Baird, the Bulldogs will be able to show their depth in talent among the deep team. As the Bulldogs get down to the wire with nationals quickly approaching, they will aim to minimize mistakes over the weekend and try to use their major advantage – supreme boat speed. The crews will also play a major role at this shifty venue, keeping the boat moving quickly through shifty conditions and keeping their heads out of the boat.

Down the river, sophomore skipper Chrissie Klingler will be competing with first-year crew Cate Mollerus and first-year skipper Nick Marwell will be competing with senior crew Caroline Colwell at the BU Trophy. This event will be a good opportunity for the Bulldogs to practice their fleet racing in shifty conditions.

Weather for the weekend looks pleasant with temperatures in the mid-50s and great wind out of the west. Sunday's racing will be exciting, with winds at 20-30 mph out of a notoriously unstable direction. Boat handling and control will be key in the big breeze, especially at the Marchiando team race.

Racing for both the Marchiando and BU Trophy will begin at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday and can be followed at

Report filed by KB Knapp '18, Yale Sports Publicity