Ferrarone Team Race Intersectional Final Results

Ferrarone Team Race Intersectional
Hosted by Yale at the MCNay Family Sailing Center
April 4-5, 2009
Boats: 420s
Judge: Jamie Ewing '99
RC: Bill Healy and Yale Undergrads


It was an epic day of sailing at the first day of the Ferrarone Team Race Intersectional hosted by Yale at the McNay Family Sailing center. The breeze started out strong, but continued to build as the day went on. The wind came from the West, coming down from the hills next to the sailing center. The first beats were in the most steady wind, but also the biggest breeze while final leg was close to shore and characterized by both strong velocity and wind shifts. The teams had a tough time keeping stable combinations because of the multiple puffs and shifts at the same time on the same leg. As the day went on, large, rolling waves swept in from Long Island Sound, complicating matters because they were not lined up with the wind. In the morning, the sailors had their lightest conditions of the day, with the normal breeze not exceeding 15 knots with puffs to 20. That was just the start of the carnage, though, with numerous boats flipping before the sequence, during the sequence, at the start, on the legs, at the mark roundings and even right at and after the finish line. Soon, though, the spectators began to have even a better viewing time, with the wind continuing to build, with the highest recorded puff clocking at 35 knots. It was not uncommon for boats to be flogging both the main and jib and fully hiked while still in danger of flipping before the puffs gave way to light conditions with the sailors heeled to windward and occasionally capsizing to windward. It was particularly gruesome to watch the sailors flip near the start line, where they were swept downwind just feet from the edges of the rocks. By the end of the day, there more than 30 capsizes had occurred, with few boats not having mud on their masts from the shallow bottom of Granite Cove. In all, 45 races were sailed in Yale's 420s with new mains and old jibs, with three protests filed. Two protests were disallowed while while resulted in a disqualification for Boston College against Bowdoin. Coaches were on the water in the coach boat along with a judge boat.

Tomorrow, there will be a Gold round robin with the top six teams and a Silver round robin for the bottom four teams. The forecast calls for breezy conditions from the Northwest tomorrow, so expect more carnage in the puffy, shifty, windy conditions.

Thanks to Jamie Ewing '99 for hearing the protests and the Yale undergraduates for running races. RP information will be included with the final results--there were many substitutions.

Note that yesterday's results included a mistake: Roger Williams was scored as losing to Wisconsin, who they actually beat.

Sunday: The day started off with a Gold round robin with the top six teams from yesterday. The day was a bit calmer than yesterday, with winds that started from the Northwest. There were no capsizes, and the day started off with full hiking conditions, with large shifts. Just like yesterday, the wind was very shifty and puffy. After the 15-race Gold fleet round robin, the six-boat Silver fleet went out to do a round robin. The racing was good at first, before the sea breeze started to fill in and fight the Northwesterly wind. After numerous course adjustments in response to the varying strength of the sea breeze that was filling in, the Silver round robin was finally completed around 3:20, so there was not enough time to attempt another round robin. While some puffs probably were around 20 knots, the normal breeze was lighter, with some lulls as low as 5 knots. Thanks again to Jamie Ewing '99 for judging and the Yale sailors for handling race committee work on a tough day. Congratulations to the Terriers of Boston University for an impressive win at the Ferrarone Team Race after placing third last year. The event honors former Yale sailor Ted Ferrarone '98, who was instrumental in creating the regatta for the Bulldogs.

TOTAL First Round Robin Results 1) BU 9-0 2) RW 7-2 3) URI 6-3 3) USF 6-3 5) BC 5-4 6) Bowdoin 4-5 7) Dart 3-6 8) Wisc 2-7 8) Yale 2-7 10) UPenn 1-8
BC Bowdoin BU Dart RW UPenn URI USF Wisc. Yale TOTAL BC x L L W L W L W W W 5-4 2 Bowdoin W x L W L W L L L W 4-5 6 BU W W x W W W W W W W 9-0 1 Dart L L L x L W W L L W 3-6 7 RW W W L W x W W L W W 6-3 3 Upenn L L L L L x L L W L 1-8 10 URI W W L L L W x W W W 6-3 3 USF L W L W W W L x W W 6-3 3 Wisc. L W L W L L L L x L 3-6 8 Yale L L L L L W L L W x 2-7 9

Gold Round Robin Results

BC Bowdoin BU RW URI USF TOTAL FINAL BC x W L W L W 3-2 8-6 4 Bowdoin L x L L L L 0-5 4-10 6 BU W W x L L W 3-2 12-2 1 RW L W W x W W 4-1 11-3 2 URI W W W L x W 4-1 10-4 3 USF L W L L L x 1-4 7-7 5

Silver Round Robin Results

Dart Wisc Yale Upenn Total FINAL Dart x W W W 3-0 6-6 7 Wisc L x W W 2-1 4-8 8 Yale L L x L 0-3 2-10 10 Upenn L L W x 1-2 2-10 9
Final Results:

1) Boston University 2) Roger Williams 3) University of Rhode Island 4) Boston College 5) University of South Florida 6) Bowdoin 7) Dartmouth 8) Wisconsin 9) UPenn 10) Yale
RP Information:
Boston College Skippers- Evan Cooke '10 ALL Annie Haeger '12 ALL Brianna Provancha '11 ALL Crews- Ian Donahue '12 1-13 Tim Kelly '10 1-13 Emily Migliaccio '11 14 Emily Massa '12 14 Alex Gestal '11 ALL

Boston University Skippers- Max Bent '10 ALL Ben Spiller '09 ALL Billy Martin '10 ALL Crews- Fiona Gordon '12 ALL Sarah Donahue '09 ALL Alie Bittl '10 10-14 Matt Johnson '12 1-9

Bowdoin Skippers- Viktor Bolmgren '11 ALL Doria Cole '09 7-11 Alex Takata '12 ALL Peter Wadden '09 1-6, 12-14 Crews- Erin Taylor '09 ALL Coco Sprague ALL Audrey Hatch '10 10-14 Doria Cole '09 1-6, 1-2 Peter Wadden '09 7-9

Dartmouth Skippers- Matty Cohen '10 ALL Ed Jude Glackin '11 ALL Sam Williams '12 ALL Crews- Sam Andrew '11 ALL Kathy Oprea '10 ALL Anne Megargel '09 ALL

Roger Williams Skippers- Sean Bouchard '12 ALL Josh Saltmarsh '11 ALL Bjarki Gunnarsson '10 ALL Crews- Tyler Wilson '12 ALL Kelly Stannard '12 10-14 Fritz Stunzi '12 ALL Andrew Vachon '10 1-9

Upenn Skippers- Doug Lotz '09 Halsey Richards '11 Rafe Pilling '11 Crews- Ali Zablochi '12 Marica Reppucci '12 Kelsey Schoenrock '12 Sophia Gerard '12

URI Skippers- Mike Warren '10 1-8, 10-14 Ben Quatromoni '10 1-3, 8-14 Chris DeCollibus '09 1-7, 9-14 Josh Greenfield '09 4-9 Crews- Carolyn Cjaolom '10 1,2,10-14 Mykahle Gardiner '09 1-3, 8-14 Nick Dovbniak '09 1-7, 9-14 Lisa Costich '10 4-9 Jeremy Henry '11 3-8

USF Skippers- Mitchell Hall '10 all Christopher Keimig '10 all Sean Ross '12 all Crews- Stephanie Reynolds '11 all Hillary Noble '10 all Margaret Spears '12 all

Wisconsin Skippers- Joe Kutschenreuter '12 all Leif Evensen '11 all Kristin Paul '09 1-2 Kevin Campbell '09 3-12 Crews- Molly Forbes '12 1-2 Meg Six '12 all Allie Valentor '10 1-9 Kristin Paul '09 3-9 Jenny Koningisor '09 10-12

Yale Skippers- Andrew Kurzrok '11all Rob Struckett '12 all Caleb Dorfman '09 all Crews- Aly Kerr '12 all Alexa Chu '11 1-7, 10-12 Stephanie Schuyler '12 1-6, 10-12 Jared Shenson '12 7-9 John Vrolyk '10 8-9