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Yale Wins Carnegie Cup

(photo by Don Clark, Yale Sports Publicity)
(photo by Don Clark, Yale Sports Publicity)

DERBY, Conn- The Yale varsity reclaimed the Carnegie Cup on the Housatonic River Saturday morning. The third varsity followed that up with a win of their own. The second varsity, freshman and 4V/2F eights fell to Princeton and Cornell.

The varsity (5-1) opened the morning's racing with a win in 5:25.6. Princeton followed in 5:27.0 and Cornell came third in 5:29.7. The Carnegie Cup therefore returns to the Gilder Boathouse after a two-year hiatus (Yale last won it in 2007, followed by Princeton in 2008 and Cornell in 2009).
In the Yale varsity eight for the Carnegie Cup were sophomore Benjamin Bowles (stroke), senior Henry Cole (seven), junior Marcos Carzolio (six), junior Derek Johnson (five), sophomore Thomas Dethlefs (four), junior Matthew Ramlow (three), senior Lucas Spielfogel (two), junior Alex Mastroyannis (bow) and senior Rebecca Burgoyne-Allen (cox).
The second varsity (3-3) fell to Princeton and Cornell. The Tigers and Big Red both finished in 5:33.3 according to the clocks, but after video review the Princeton JV topped Cornell by approximately two feet. Yale finished the race in 5:42.0.

That eight was comprised of senior Antonio Sirianni, juniors Duncan Logie, Benjamin Grant, Nathaniel Reeve and Daniel Klassen and sophomores Django Broer-Hellermann, Joseph Alagna and Emma McBurney (cox). 

The Yale third varsity (5-0) narrowly topped Cornell to take a win. The Bulldogs 3V crossed the line in 5:39.3, ahead of Cornell in 5:39.8. Princeton finished third in 5:48.1.

The third varsity eight was comprised of sophomore Patrick O'Malley (stroke), senior Dominique Fenton (seven), senior James Tormey (six), junior George Moran (five), Junior Patrick Vergara (four), sophomore Jonathan Martin (three), sophomore Alexander Krey (two), junior Simon Warren (bow) and sophomore Morgan Welch (cox).

The Yale freshmen (2-4) finished third to Cornell (5:33.9) and Princeton (5:34.3) in a time of 5:47.2.

The Yale 4V/2F four was joined by members of the Yale lightweight team to compete against Cornell in an eight. They were topped by the Big Red, 5:46.9 to 6:02.7.
Up next for the Bulldogs are the Eastern Sprints on May 16.
Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity

Race footage by David Dikranian: