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Heavyweights Take Sixth at Sprints

(photo by Don Clark, Yale Sports Publicity)
(photo by Don Clark, Yale Sports Publicity)

WORCESTER, Mass.- In its final race of the day, the Bulldogs' varsity crew finished sixth in the grand final of the 68th Eastern Sprints.  The boat finished the 2,000-meter course on Lake Quinsigamond with a time of 5:35.49, finishing two and a half seconds in front of Cornell.

The second varsity also finished sixth in their second race of the day, the petite final, placing them 12th overall.  The second varsity finished with a time of 5:56.72.

The third varsity crossed the line first in their petite final, finishing with a time of 5:50.00.  The boat beat out Wisconsin, Dartmouth, Harvard, Columbia and Syracuse to finish seventh overall.

Tomorrow the team's seniors will return to campus in order to collect their diplomas.  On Tuesday the team will return to Gales Ferry to continue training and begin preparing for its next race- the IRA National Championship.  This upcoming race will be held in Mercer, N.J., and will begin May 30.

Full results from the day can be found here.




Cox: Carothers
8: Trzybinski
7: Wynne-Griffith
6: DeVries
5: Pagel
4: Hurn
3: Johnson
2: Symington
1: Smith
Cox: Fletcher
8: Barth
7: Rosenbloom
6: Goodman
5: Risbergs
4: Reeves
3: Lopez
2: Van Voorhis
1: Molen-Grigull
Cox: Lee
8: Tortora
7: O'Reilly
6: Michel
5: Keenan
4: McGinn
3: Schoenly
2: Bird
1: Olscamp
Cox: Meghir
4: Sadik
3: Barnett
2: Tierney
1: Kelly

Report filed by Ari Zimmet '16, Yale Sports Publicity.