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Elis Sweep Penn, Columbia For Blackwell Cup

Yale 1V with the Blackwell Cup (Joel Furtek image)
Yale 1V with the Blackwell Cup (Joel Furtek image)

Yale Heavyweights Continue Cup Streak


TEANECK, NJ. - Yesterday on the Hudson River, Yale won all three races wining the Blackwell Cup for the 8th straight year. All Yale boats remain undefeated in spring racing.


For both athletes and fans, the weather offered great conditions for racing. Though winds were light, the early tailwinds turned into a head for the later races.


The 3V took off at 9:30 am against Columbia. Penn did not bring a 3V crew. The Elis quickly opened up a significant margin on the Lions and continued to push out down the course. Yale finished 22 seconds up with 5:52.2. Columbia crossed the line in 6:14.9.


Following suit, the 2V had a quick start and cleared open water by 500 in. The Bulldogs refused to sit on their early lead and walked away throughout the race. Yale finished in 6:00.7, Columbia in 6:15.7. Penn in 6:21.2.


Racing for the Blackwell Cup, one of rowing's oldest trophies, the 1V took off at 10:30 am. Yale cleared the Penn and Columbia bows within the first 1000 and finished the race with significant open water. The Elis came across the line in 5:53.5, Columbia in 6:07.4, and Penn in 6:08.5.


Garth Holden '20 (2V) and Jono Winters '20 (1V) said in unison "done with the Lions, time to move on to the Tigers."


Racing continues next week in Ithaca against Cornell and Princeton for the Carnegie Cup. Yale looks to keep all boats undefeated going into Sprints.



Varsity Eight
Yale – 5:53.5
Columbia – 6:07.4
Penn – 6:08.5

Second Varsity Eight
Yale – 6:00.7
Columbia – 6:15.7
Penn – 6:21.2

Third Varsity Eight
Yale – 5:52.2
Columbia – 6:14.9




Cox. Vlad Saigau

8. Sholto Carnegie

7. Leonard Jenkins

6. Cole Tilden

5. Jack Lopas

4. Paul Jacquot

3. Thomas Beck

2. Thomas Digby

1. Andrin Gulich



Cox. Woods Connell

8. Kevin Kiernan 

7. Jonathan Winter

6. Garth Holden

5. Bryan DeVries

4. Matteo Sandrelli

3. Nicholas Helms

2. Orlando Nixon

1. Freddie Elwes



Cox. Thomas Fant

8. Angus Morrison

7. Thomas Bischoff

6. Alex Julicher

5. Bobby Jahrling

4.Alex Jeremijenko 

3. Lucas Peilert

2. Edgar Staunton

1. Seth Bartlett


By Izak Epstein '19, Sports Publicity Assistant. You can contact him at