Lightweight Eight Takes Silver at IRA Nationals

Lightweight Eight Takes Silver at IRA Nationals

Four Finishes Fourth in Petite Final

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Yale lightweights completed a remarkable turn-around to end their season this Saturday in the grand final of the lightweight eight. The crew finished second for the silver medal in a field that had previously caused problems for this year's varsity eight. Just a few weeks ago, at Eastern Sprints, the lightweight eight finished 5th behind Princeton, Harvard, Georgetown and Navy. In Saturday's grand final, essentially a repeat of the Eastern Sprints final, the Yale lightweights jumped three spots to take second.

The Yale lightweight varsity eight was comprised of James Johnson (stroke), John Grunyk (seven), Mikkel Krenchel (six), Daniel Ensslen (five), Philip Lang (four), Andrew Kaiser (three), Brendan McCook (two), Noah McColl (bow) and Erin Anderson (coxswain).

The Yale lightweights also put out a four that raced in the heavyweight varsity four event. The boat, entirely comprised of sophomores, finished fourth in the petite final of the event. In the four were Michael Buttrick (stroke), Andrew Hakanson (three), Colin Corcoran (two), Carl Nunziato (bow) and Rachel Morgan (coxswain).

Full Results:

Lightweight Eight Grand Final:

1. Princeton 6:03.23
2. Yale 6:08.00
3. Harvard 6:09.60
4. Georgetown 6:12.93
5. Cornell 6:13.42
6. Navy 6:14.80
7. Columbia 6:24.69

Varsity Four Petite Final:

1. Northeastern 6:44.12
2. Brown 6:49.10
3. Florida Institute of Technology 6:50.53
4. Yale 6:52.77
5. Loyola of Maryland 6:55.18
6. Drexel 6:57.53

Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity