Bulldogs Fourth at Princeton Three-Mile Chase

Bulldogs Fourth at Princeton Three-Mile Chase

PRINCETON, N.J. - The Yale men's lightweight crew team turned in a strong all-around performance at the Princeton Three-Mile Chase this Sunday. The Bulldogs took fourth, sixth and 20th place in the Men's Varsity Lightweight Eights at Lake Carnegie. Yale also took fifth and 10th place in the Men's Freshman Lightweight Eights, as well as fourth, eighth, 10th and 38th in the Men's Varsity Lightweight Fours. In the small boats, Yale took spots 12 through 15, as well as 28.

In the Varisity Eights, the "Yale A" boat finished fourth with a time of 13:33.527, behind Princeton's winning time of 13:19.685. However, in a positive sign for overall team strength, the "Yale B" boat finished in sixth place with a time of 13:38.880--just five seconds behind the "Yale A." Usually, the difference in time between the A and B or B and C boats is around 20 seconds, so Sunday's competitive results are a positive sign for the future for the Yale lightweights. The "Yale C" boat came in 20th place with a time of 14:15.536.

"For us, the fall is a chance to slow the process down and work on the fundamentals," said head coach Andrew Card. "Fall is a sort of 'spring training' where we work on bunting, backing up throws, the basics. The Chase was a nice test for us. We did well in some parameters, made good progress in some areas, but still have plenty of room to improve."

In the Varsity Fours, the "Yale A" boat took fourth place with a time of 14:59.018. However, most interestingly, the "Yale C" boat finished eighth with a time of 15:21.828--about three seconds ahead of the 10th place "Yale B" boat.

"Regardless of where other teams finish, it is interesting to see the intrasquad competition," said Card. "Right now we are focused on Yale, we aren't looking for external validation from the results. We know where we're going, and that's the most important thing."

Similar intrasquad competition was to be found in the Freshman Eights race as well. The "Yale A" boat finished fifth with a time of 14:33.965, ahead of the 10th place "Yale B" boat that had reportedly been beating the A's at practice.

"We're focused on ourselves, and trying to see who's going to make the team in the spring," said Card. "I know we're going to be good in the spring, and we're pretty good right now, but we have some more work to do."

In the small boats race, Yale threw together five combinations of two rowers, and finished in 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 28th places. For the lightweights, the event was a fun way to try out several different combinations.

"Overall, I think we rowed a lot better this week than last in terms of moving together," said Card, "and we're looking forward to more improvement."

Full results from the regatta can be found here.

The lightweights will finish up their fall season next weekend with the Green Monster in Hanover, N.H.


Report By Arsi Sefaj '11, Yale Sports Publicity