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Lightweights To Wrap Up Fall Season With Green Monster

Lightweights To Wrap Up Fall Season With Green Monster

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – On Saturday, Nov. 7, the Yale lightweight crew team will participate in the Green Monster race on the Connecticut River in Hanover, N.H. The Green Monster is a three-mile long, head style race organized by the Dartmouth crew coaches every year. It is a freshman-only race and it includes entries of both heavyweight and lightweight crews.

“The Green Monster is a fun race,” said coach Andrew Card. “It is important for the development of the freshman team, it is a chance for the new guys to learn from the more experienced recruits and it is a chance for the experienced guys to have an enjoyable row with their teammates.”

Because the race includes 30 or 40 crews each year, it would be impossible for the boats to line up side to side on the river. It is for this reason that the Green Monster is a head style race, meaning that the boats line up head to tail in single file, then race against the clock.

“You try to pass the boat directly in front of you,” said Card, “and you don’t want to get passed by the boat behind you.”

The coaches have all agreed to go in even boats for the race, which means that no particular boat will be stacked with the best rowers on a team. The lightweights will have two crews racing the event, and the rowers will be distributed among them such that they will be matched relatively evenly. The ultimate winner of the race will be determined by adding up the times of the top two finishers for each team, then taking the lowest cumulative time. Yale will not be sending heavyweights to the event, so the lightweights Yale A and Yale B will be the only two Yale crews participating. The prize for the winners will be a traditional Ben and Jerry’s Vermonster Sundae.

“The race is a very lighthearted affair,” said Card. “It’s good experience for the freshman, there’s no entry fee, the prize is a massive ice cream and it represents what’s so unique and excellent about collegiate sports.”


Report By Arsi Sefaj '11, Yale Sports Publicity