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Two Golds, One Bronze for Y150 at Sprints

Two Golds, One Bronze for Y150 at Sprints

WORCESTER, Mass. – Yale's lightweight crews earned three medals, including two golds, at Eastern Sprints on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass., this afternoon. The first freshman and third varsity eights won, while the varsity eight finished third.

The Yale varsity eight of William Zeng (stroke), Colin Corcoran (seven), David Walker (six), Thomas Swartz (five), captain Andrew Hakanson (four), Trey Chandler (three), Brendan Harrington (two), Greg Hausheer (bow), and Emma McBurney (coxswain) placed second in its morning heat behind Harvard. In the afternoon final, the Bulldogs led at the 1,000-meter mark but were passed by Harvard and Dartmouth in the second half. Yale finished in a time of 5:47.0, only .2 seconds behind Dartmouth and 1.6 seconds behind Harvard. With their finish, the varsity eight qualified for the IRA National Championship, held in Camden, N.J., on June 4.

The second varsity finished fulfilled its pre-race seeding, finishing fourth in a time of 6:06.9. Harvard capped an undefeated season winning in a time of 6:00.6. Yale's lineup consisted of Michael Buttrick (stroke), Christopher Murphy (seven), Franz Colloredo-Mansfeld (six), William Ferraro (five), David Kahan (four), Samuel Cooley (three), Chris Mayerfeld (two), Chad Bailey (bow), and Paige Fedon (coxswain).

Yale's freshman completed an undefeated season with a dominant victory in the grand final, winning in a time of 6:06.9, 5.8 seconds over Columbia. The win marked Yale's third victory in the Gary Kilpatrick Cup in the last 5 years and 13th first freshman eight Sprints victory of all-time. Yale's lineup was Matthew O'Donoghue (stroke), Matthew Bridgwater (seven), Peter Bridgwater (six), Emery Schoenly (five), Josh Mann (four), Mikko Salovaara (three), Joseph Hanlon (two), Brooks Walker (bow), and Ilana Usiskin (coxswain).

The Yale third varsity eight was victorious as well, finishing an undefeated season with a 3.0-second win over Navy. The crew of Drew Lawson (stroke), Adam Reeve (seven) Patrick O'Keefe (six), David Bloom (five), Joshua Ruck (four), Michael Glenmullen (three), Daniel Ribas (two), Carl Chauvin (bow), and Wendy Lin (coxswain) crossed the line in a time of 6:02.5.

Yale's fourth varsity/second freshman combination crew opened the day with an early morning final against Princeton and Navy. The Bulldogs defeated Princeton but were unable to avenge an early-season loss to the Midshipmen, finishing second in a time of 6:29.8, 6.6 seconds behind Navy. Yale's lineup consisted of Maxwell Micali (stroke), Skylar Prill (seven), Christopher Vasseur (six), Nicholas Wang (five), Christopher Pang (four), Philip Morel (three), Andrew Pierce (two), Cameron Best (bow), and coxswain Regina DeLuna (coxswain).

Full results can be found here.

Report Filed by Yale Sports Publicity