Navy Slips Past Yale to Win Johnson Cup

Navy Slips Past Yale to Win Johnson Cup

March 31, 2007

PRINCETON, N.J. - The Yale men's lightweight crew team narrowly missed out on retaining the Johnson Cup as they lost to the Midshipmen of Navy on Lake Carnegie Saturday afternoon.

The Bulldogs won the Johnson Cup by the slimmest of margins in 2006, and this year there wasn't much separating the two teams either. Four of of the five races were decided by margins of three seconds or fewer.

In the varsity eight race, the Bulldogs finished two seconds behind the Midshipmen to give Navy its third Johnson Cup win in four years. The Yale boat included Manuel Gonzales-Luna (cox), Peter Reiser (stroke), Richard Littlehale (seven), Chris Blum (six), Gregory Hopkins (five), Roman Rezanowicz (four), Daniel Ensslen (three), James Johnson (two) and Nick Panza (bow).

The Bulldogs managed to reverse the things in the junior varsity race though, beating Navy by a margin of almost two seconds, and finishing just 0.3 seconds slower than the Navy varsity boat. The Yale JV included Michael Ma (cox), Andrew Kaiser (stroke), Mikkel Krenchel (seven), Brendan Stallard (six), Simon Goldman (five), Joseph Pappalardo (four), Peter Barkett (three), Matthew Evans (two) and Foster Hays (bow).

Yale's 3V suffered the biggest losing margin of the regatta, and that was still only six seconds. Yale's second victory of the day came thanks to its second freshman eight, while Yale's freshman eight lost to Navy by just six tenths of a second.

The Bullodgs will return next weekend to compete on home waters against MIT. The regatta begins at 9 am at Yale's Gilder Boathouse.

Report filed by Jamie Cordes '07, Yale Sports Publicity.

First Varsity (Eads Johnson Trophy Race)
Navy, 5:54.2; Yale, 5:56.2

Second Varsity
Yale, 5:54.5; Navy, 5:56.2

Third Varsity
Navy, 6:05.6; Yale, 6:11.3

First Freshman
Navy. 6:00.5; Yale, 6:01.1

Second Freshman
Yale, 6:10.6; Navy, 6:13.8