Bulldogs Snag Johnson Cup

Bulldogs Snag Johnson Cup

April 5, 2008

PRINCETON, N.J. - For the second time in three years, the Bulldogs beat Navy to win the Johnson Cup and open the spring season with a victory on Lake Carnegie. The Yale 1V's time of 6:23.50 bettered the Midshipmen 1V's 6:29.20--a margin of 5.7 seconds. The victory marks the second time since the series' inception five years ago that the Elis have brought home the Johnson Cup. Yale's 1F and 3V boats also won.

"It feels good to start the season with a win," Yale Head Coach Andy Card commented. Card also noted that head winds in Princeton, N.J. had rendered times nearly irrelevant.

The Bulldog 1V of junior Daniel Ensslen (stroke), sophomore Brendan McCook (seven), senior Alexander Rothmeier (six), senior Roman Rezanowicz (five), sophomore Adam Lukasiewicz (four), sophomore John Grunyk (three), junior Mikkel Krenchel (two), sophomore Noah McColl (bow) and sophomore Stephen Dobeck (cox) crossed in 6:23.50 to beat the Navy 1V (6:29.20) by 5.7 seconds.

With a time of 6:20.50, the Yale 1F defeated the Navy freshmen by over seven seconds. The Yale 3V was also victorious.

The Navy 2V (6:18.50) edged Yale's (6:22.40) by 3.9 seconds. The Bulldogs' 2F also fell.

"Navy is one of the best crews in the league, year in and year out," Card said. "Since they're our opener, we always have to be at our very sharpest. And while we still have a lot of work to do, this is the way you like to get the spring started."

The Bulldogs will travel to Cambridge, Mass. on Mar. 12 for the Joy Cup versus M.I.T. and Georgetown.

Report filed by Nicholas Thorne '08, Yale Sports Publicity