Lightweight Crew Sweeps Joy Cup

Lightweight Crew Sweeps Joy Cup

April 10, 2004

With wins in the Varsity Eight, 2nd Varsity Eight, Frosh/Novice, and 2nd Frosh divisions, the Bulldogs swept MIT at the Joy Cup in Cambridge, Mass.

Racing with a moderate 10-15 mph headwind and slight chop on the Chalres River, the Varsity Eight crew finished in a time of 6:39.2, beating MIT by nearly 20 seconds.

The Second Varsity Eight finished in 6:46.8 to MIT's 7:17.7, while the Frosh/Novice Eight rowed a 6:54.6 to MIT's 7:48.7.

In the 2nd Frosh 4+ race, Yale routed BC and MIT, finishing with a time of 8:13.7 while BC came in at 8:51.9 and MIT was in third with a time of 9:37.9.

The lightweights will travel to Philadelphia to take on Penn and Columbia next Saturday.