Bulldogs Victorious at Joy Cup

Bulldogs Victorious at Joy Cup

April 12, 2008

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Yale swept the river on Saturday at the Joy Cup in Cambridge, Mass., winning all four races over Georgetown and MIT. The Yale 1V (5:57.44) topped Georgetown's varsity boat (6:07.41) by a 9.97 second margin. MIT's varsity boat (6:14.00) was 16.56 seconds off the Bulldogs' pace. The Yale 2V and 3V finished first and second respectively in the JV race with Georgetown rounding out the top three. The Elis' 1F (6:05.99) was also victorious topping the Georgetown freshman boat (6:18.19) by 12.2 seconds.

The Bulldog 1V of junior Daniel Ensslen (stroke), sophomore Brendan McCook (seven), senior Alexander Rothmeier (six), senior Roman Rezanowicz (five), sophomore Adam Lukasiewicz (four), sophomore Noah McColl (three), junior Mikkel Krenchel (two), sophomore John Grunyk (bow) and sophomore Stephen Dobeck (cox) crossed in 5:57.44 to beat the Georgetown 1V (6:07.41) by 9.97 seconds. MIT's 1V recorded a time of 6:14.00, 16.56 seconds behind the Bulldogs.

In the JV race, the Yale 2V finished in 6:14.46, which was good enough to top the Bulldogs' 3V (6:18.80) by 4.34 seconds. Georgetown's 2V (6:20.16) finished 5.70 seconds behind the Yale 2V.

The Yale 1F (6:05.99) easily won the freshman race, beating the Georgetown (6:18.19) and MIT (6:34.76) freshmen by 12.20 and 28.77 seconds respectively. The Bulldogs 2F also won. Their time of 6:51.11 outpaced the MIT 2F (7:02.13) by 11.02 seconds.

The Bulldogs and the Gilder Boat House will play host to the Dodge Cup on Apr. 19, as Yale will take on Ivy League foes Columbia and Penn. In the afternoon of Apr. 19, the Bulldogs will also host Cornell.

Report filed by Nicholas Thorne '08, Yale Sports Publicity