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Elis Fall to Cornell

Elis Fall to Cornell

April 17, 2005

Ithaca, NY - The Elis could not build on yesterday's victories this morning, losing to Cornell on the Cayuga Lake Inlet in Ithaca, N.Y.

The Bulldogs, who defeated Penn and Columbia yesterday, finished with a time of 5:41.1, just over three seconds behind the Big Red. Cornell also had its way with the Elis in all but one of the day's other races. Yale picked up its lone victory in the Novice 8 race, with the Elis finishing with a time of 6:05.0.

The Bulldogs head to Hanover, N.H, next Saturday to compete for the Durand Cup against Dartmouth and Rutgers.


Varsity 8:Cornell - 5:50.9, Yale - 5:54.1

2nd Varsity 8: Cornell - 6:02.9, Yale - 6:08.2

3rd Varsity: Cornell - 6:14.8, Yale - 6:28.0

2nd Freshman 4: Cornell A - 7:29.6, Yale - 7:31.9, Cornell B - 7:58.0

Novice 8: Yale - 6:05.0, Cornell - 6:08.1

Report filed by Sean Singer '06, Yale Sports Publicity