Bulldogs Claim Vogel Cup but Fall to Princeton

Bulldogs Claim Vogel Cup but Fall to Princeton

May 3, 2008

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - The Yale lightweight crew took on traditional rivals Princeton and Harvard Saturday on the Charles River in Cambridge, Mass. 8-9 mph winds made conditions difficult, but the Bulldogs won three of the five races contested to take home the Vogel Cup. The Eli 1V lost for the first time this season though. The Princeton varsity boat (5:49.0) crossed 2.8 seconds ahead of the Bulldog boat (5:51.8), with Harvard's 1V finishing in a time of 5:59.3. The Yale 2V, 1F and 3V were all victorious.

"We're disappointed not to take two cups home [the Goldthwait Cup went to Princeton for winning the first varsity race], but we are very pleased to come home with the Vogel Cup," Yale Head Coach Andy Card said. "Having David Vogel there to present the trophy himself made it even more special."

The Vogel Cup is awarded according to a scoring system that values each boat's performance, with the first place boat receiving more points than the second and third place boats. The races are also weighed differently: the first varsity race being the most important in terms of points.

The Yale 1V of junior Daniel Ensslen (stroke), sophomore Brendan McCook (seven), senior Alexander Rothmeier (six), senior Roman Rezanowicz (five), sophomore Adam Lukasiewicz (four), sophomore Noah McColl (three), junior Mikkel Krenchel (two), sophomore John Grunyk (bow) and sophomore Stephen Dobeck (cox) tallied a time of 5:51.8, 2.8 seconds behind the Princeton 1V (5:49.0). The Harvard 1V crossed in 5:59.3.

"Our varsity had a little bit of lead for about 750 meters," Card said. "But Princeton rowed through us, and there wasn't much we could do from there."

In the exciting second varsity race, the Eli 2V of junior Andrew Kaiser (stroke), senior Peter Reiser (seven), senior Greg Hopkins (six), junior Philip Lang (five), junior James Johnson (four), sophomore Tyler Borek (three), sophomore Jeremy Hopkins (two), junior Matthew Evans (bow) and senior Manuel Gonzales-Luna (cox) came from a length behind to win by 1.2 seconds in a time of 5:55.7. Princeton (5:56.9) and Harvard (6:16.7) took second and third respectively.

"The 2V and 3V races were exciting as they get," Card commented.

The Bulldog 1F of William Zeng (stroke), Colin Corcoran (seven), Andrew Hakanson (six), Micheal LeFevour (five), Carl Nunziato (four), Michael Buttrick (three), David Walker (two), Chris Mayerfeld (bow) and Erin Anderson (cox) also won. They too came from behind to win by a 1.9 second margin. Their time of 5:58.8 bettered the Harvard 1F's 6:00.7 and the Princeton 1F's 6:06.8.

In the third varsity race, the Elis were again victorious. The Yale boat (6:04.0) edged the Princeton 3V (6:04.3) by a mere 0.3 seconds. Harvard (6:27.0) again finished third. The Crimson did win one race though, taking the second freshman race in a time of 6:18.8. The Bulldog 2F followed 14.8 seconds behind in a time of 6:33.6.

The Bulldogs will take two weeks off to prepare for the EARC Sprints on May 18 in Worcester, Mass.

Report filed by Nicholas Thorne, '08, Yale Sports Publicity