Bulldogs Place Second In Thrilling Grand Final

Bulldogs Place Second In Thrilling Grand Final

May 15, 2005

WORCESTER, Mass. - Yale's varsity eight placed second to Harvard in a thrilling Grand Final at the Eastern Sprints on Lake Quinsigamond. The Bulldogs finished in 5:40.791, less than a quarter second behind the Crimson, who came in at 5:40.567. The top four boats were separated by less than two seconds.

In the varsity eight boat for the Bulldogs were Dave Werner, Joe Fahrendorf, Joe Fallon, Alex Ramsay, Bill Jarmuz, Trevor Young, Andrew Towne and Bob Kennedy. The cox was Dorothy Halsey.

Yale's second varsity finished second in the Petite Final with a time of 5:56.814, nearly two seconds behind Georgetown. In the second varsity boat were Chris Blum, James Higgins, Arnold Kang, Brendan Stallard, Alan Chin, Jon Chodroff, Derek Ng and Daniel Coleman. The cox was Marcia McGuire.

The Bulldogs were fourth in the Grand Final of the freshman eight. Yale finished in 5:55.678. In the first freshman eight for the Bulldogs were Alex Rothmeier, Roman Rezanowicz, Greg Hopkins, Peter Reiser, Joey Pappalardo, Alex Newman-Wise, Ben Elkins and Foster Hays. The cox was Matthew Goldstein.

In the third varsity eight Grand Final, Yale finished fourth with a time of 6:00.228. In the boat were Jordan Winick, Dave Zaragoza, Nick Panza, Will Ritchie, Peter Barkett, Ryan Suplee, James Schulmeister and Danny Lewis. The cox was Sophia Lear.

Lightweight Varsity Eight: Grand Final - 1. Harvard 5:40.567; 2. Yale 5:40.791; 3. Cornell 5:40.824; 4. Navy 5:41.529; 5. Georgetown 5:45.894; 6. Penn 5:46.885

Lightweight Second Varsity Eight: Petite Final - 1. Georgetown 5:54.512; 2. Yale 5:56.814; 3. Rutgers 6:01.932; 4. Columbia 6:07.718; 5. Delaware 6:17.666

Lightweight First Freshman Eight: Grand Final - 1. Navy 5:48. 437; 2. Princeton 5:49.664; 3. Columbia 5:54.724; 4. Yale 5:55.678; 5. Harvard 5:58.993; 6. Dartmouth 5:59.798

Lightweight Third Varsity Eight: Grand Final - 1. Cornell 5:53.825; 2. Navy 4V 5:55.761; 3. Princeton 5:55.958; 4. Yale 6:00.228; 5. Navy 6:07.228; 6. Georgetown 6:27.847

Report filed by Tim Bennett, Yale Sports Publicity