Bulldogs Win Two Bronze Medals At Sprints

Bulldogs Win Two Bronze Medals At Sprints

May 21, 2006

WORCESTER, MA - The Yale men's lightweight crew team competed in five grand finals at today's EARC Sprints, and finished with two bronze medals in the 1V and 2V. But today was about much more than results for the Bulldogs. It served as a commemoration for their late teammate Alex Capelutto, who died tragically in a cycling accident Thursday morning.

After attending a memorial service at Yale on Thursday afternoon, the Bulldogs voted this weekend to race at Eastern Sprints. After being urged to do so by Capelluto's father, the Yale lightweights fought hard in their five finals Sunday afternoon.

The third varsity grand final may have been won by two Navy boats, but for the Bulldogs it was more important as the race that Capelluto would have rowed in. Head Coach Andy Card had him in the bow seat of the 3V boat during the team's last week of preparations. The Bulldogs finished fourth in the race, less than two seconds behind bronze medalists Princeton.

Yale's two medals came in the varsity and junior varsity eights. The varsity eight, stroked by David Werner, took home a bronze medal from Lake Quinsigamond after beating out perpetual rivals Harvard by less than two tenths of a second. The boat comprised Dorothy Halsey (cox), Werner (stroke), Joseph Fallon (seven), Trevor Young (six), Joseph Fahrendorf (five), Alexander Rothmeier (four), Alan Chin (three), Nick Panza (two), and Roman Rezanowicz (bow).

The junior varsity eight, which had lost to Harvard three weeks ago in the Goldthwait Cup, also got the better of its Crimson rivals. The Bulldogs, stroked by Foster Hays, held off Harvard by two and a half seconds to claim a bronze medal. The boat included Manuel Gonzales-Luna (cox), Hays (stroke), Gregory Hopkins (seven), Chris Blum (six), Brendan Stallard (five), Peter Reiser (four), Joseph Pappalardo (three), Daniel Coleman (two), and James Higgins (bow).

The two freshman boats also qualified for their grand finals, but both finished just out of the medals in fourth place. The first freshman eight was pipped to the post by the Lions of Columbia by a margin of under four seconds. The boat comprised Jong-Wook Kim (cox), Mikkel Krenchel (stroke), Daniel Ensslen (seven), Richard Littlehale (six), James Johnson (five), Andrew Kaiser (four), Simon Goldman (three), Kevin Michel (two), and Nathan Bruker (bow).

The second freshman eight finished fourth in its grand final behind Harvard, with Jope Cup winners Navy winning the race. The boat included Terrence Ho (cox), Philip Lang (stroke), David McClure (seven), Kirk Portas (six), Jonathan Wu (five), Matthew Evans (four), Jonathan Montemayor (three), Henry Agnew (two), and Kelly Chang (bow).

Complete Results

Varsity Eight Grand Final
1 Cornell University 05:53.201
2 U.S. Naval Academy 05:56.339
3 Yale University 05:57.685
4 Harvard University 05:57.807
5 Columbia University 06:01.701
6 Dartmouth College 06:02.707

Second Varsity Eight Grand Final
1 Cornell University 06:20.583
2 U.S. Naval Academy 06:23.599
3 Yale University 06:25.344
4 Harvard University 06:25.910
5 Princeton University 06:31.401
6 Dartmouth College 06:48.425

Third Varsity Eight Grand Final
1 U.S. Naval Academy 06:41.795
2 U.S. Naval Academy 06:48.652
3 Princeton University 06:53.795
4 Yale University 06:55.500
5 Dartmouth College 07:06.080
6 Rutgers University 07:15.909

Freshman Eight Grand Final
1 Princeton University 06:18.561
2 U.S. Naval Academy 06:22.264
3 Columbia University 06:26.879
4 Yale University 06:28.585
5 Harvard University 06:34.388
6 Georgetown University 06:38.983

Second Freshman Eight Grand Final
1 U.S. Naval Academy 06:34.609
2 Cornell University 06:45.564
3 Harvard University 06:49.013
4 Yale University 06:54.455
5 Univ. of Delaware 07:14.981

Report filed by Jamie Cordes '07, Yale Sports Publicity