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Yale Freshmen Second and Third at Belly of the Carnegie

Yale Freshmen Second and Third at Belly of the Carnegie

Nov. 11, 2007

PRINCETON, N.J. - Two Bulldog boats raced in the Belly of the Carnegie on Sunday, finishing second and third. The strong finish not only marks an improvement over last year when Yale boats claimed third and seventh but also contributed to Yale's winning the Belly Bowl. The Bulldogs will enter a long winter of training with high spirits.

The Belly Bowl is awarded to the school with the combined best time for the top two boats in all three events--heavyweight, lightweight and women's. Yale has not brought the Belly Bowl back to New Haven since 1998.

"We're a long way away from where we're going to be," Yale freshman coach Joseph Fallon said. "All the other boats are going to improve exponentially. We're a little bit ahead now compared with some crews. But you realize that the spring season is what matters the most. This shows we have potential, and we need to work hard to achieve that potential.

The Yale B boat of Ian Schmertzler (cox), Michael Buttrick (stroke), Alexander Walker (seven), Andrew Timberlake (six), George Norberg (five), Michael LeFevour (four), Carl Nunziato (three), Riley Ford (two) and Samuel Cooley (bow) claimed second in a time of 13:52.39.

The Yale A boat of Erin Anderson (cox), William Zeng (stroke), Colin Corcoran (seven), Andrew Pierce (six), William Sutter (five), Drew Lawson (four), Andrew Hakanson (three), Kenneth Leveille (two) and Christopher Mayerfeld (bow) finished third with a time of 13:56.80. The Navy B boat (13:47.19) won the regatta.

The Belly of the Carnegie is a head style race for freshman collegiate crews. Each school enters two even-strength boats, blending walk-ons and recruits. In theory, the format tests the depth of a given program's freshman class. The 2.75 mile course on Lake Carnegie also usually serves as the first race for many of a school's walk-on rowers.

"For our team, we really value novice participation," Fallon said. "This regatta focuses on combining the guys who have experience with those who don't. It's always nice to do well because it shows that you have a good group of novices to work with going forward to the spring season."

Report filed by Nicholas Thorne '08, Yale Sports Publicity