Yale Fences at NYU Invitational

Yale Fences at NYU Invitational

Jan. 26, 2009

NEW YORK, N.Y. - The Bulldogs completed a long day of competition with mixed results. Yale solidly defeated Steven's Tech and Wayne State and narrowly fell to hosts NYU. The Bulldogs also fell to Ohio State and Notre Dame, the nation's No. 1 and No. 2.

Captain Michael Pearce commented on the day's events:

"Except for the two losses at the hands of the nation's number 1 (Ohio State) and number 2 (Notre Dame) that bookmarked our day, I would say we had a productive day where we both affirmed how hard we've been working and learned what we need to do to continue to improve."

He added, "We geared up into fencing at a high level which will carry us into the Ivy season starting in 2 weeks."

On the loss against NYU, Pearce noted, "We had a heartbreaking loss to NYU but we improved on last year's score against them so hope to beat them as a team next year."

The foil squad's performance at the Invitational was highlighted by Pearce.

"All of the squads are starting to come together and the foil squad is anchoring the team, as ever. In the NYU match, they kept the fight going to the very last bout," said Pearce.

Freshman foilist Shiv Kachru commented on the foil squad's performance.

"Despite fencing some tough teams today, the foil squad fenced very well. Although we lost to two of the best teams in the nation, Ohio State and Notre Dame, we fenced every bout to the best of our abilities."

He noted, "Against Notre Dame, who are favored to win this year's national championship, our squad won 6-3."

Kachru added, "The best performance of the day was from John Gurrieri, who won all his bouts against Notre Dame, whose foil fencers are some of the best in the nation."

On the loss against NYU, Kachru echoed many of the sentiments shared by his teammates.

"Our loss to NYU was especially tough not just because the score was 14-13, but because there were several difficult matches that were close losses. It was a good experience to lose that close match, because now as a team we know what it takes to win when things come down to the wire."

Kachru, who competed in his first NYU Invitational this year, was largely optimistic about the experience.

"This is the first time we fenced the country's top teams this season," he said, "and it was a good experience for all of us, as we now know what it will take to beat them and will continue to work hard."

The Bulldogs host Sacred Heart and Drew University at home next Saturday. Competition begins at 1:00 p.m.

Full Results:

Notre Dame:
Yale loss 19-8

Saber: 1W, 8 L
Cano-Besquet, Sebastian: 0-3
Watty, Stephen: 0-3
Fields, Adam: 1-2

Foil: 6W, 3L
Gurrieri, John 3-0
Botwinick, Nathaniel 2-1
Kachru, Shiv 1-2

Epee: 1W, 8L
Pearce, Michael 1-2
Bell, Thomas 0-3
Cohen, Alexander 0-3

Steven's Tech: Yale win 15-12

Saber: 3W, 6L
Cano-Besquet, Sebastian 1-2
Holbrook, Jonathan 2-1
Watty, Stephen 0-3

Foil: 7W, 2L
Holbrook, Andrew 1-1
Botwinick, Nathaniel 3-0
Gurrieri, John 0-1
Kachru, Shiv, 3-0

Epee: 5W, 2L
Pearce, Michael 3-0
Bell, Thomas 1-2
Cohen, Alexander 2-1

Wayne State: Yale win 16-11

Saber: 6W, 3L
Watty, Stephen 2-1
Fields, Adam 3-0
Holbrook, Jonathan 1-2

Foil: 6W, 3L
Kachru, Shiv 1-2
Holbrook, Andrew 2-0
Botwinick, Nathaniel, 3-0
Gurrieri, John, 0-1

Epee: 4W, 5L
Cohen, Alexander 1-2
Pearce, Michael 1-2
Bell, Thomas 2-1

NYU: Yale loss 14-13

Saber: 2W, 6L
Watty, Stephen 0-2
Fields, Adam 1-2
Holbrook, Jonathan 1-2
Cano-Besquet, Sebastian 0-1

Foil: 8W, 1L
Gurrieri, John 3-0
Kachru, Shiv 2-1
Botwinick, Nathaniel 3-0

Epee: 3W, 6L
Cohen, Alexander 1-2
Pearce, Michael 2-1
Bell, Thomas 0-3

Ohio State: Yale loss 4-23

Saber: 2W, 7L
Cano-Besquet, Sebastian 0-3
Holbrook, Jonathan 0-3
Watty, Stephen 2-1

Foil: 1W, 8L
Gurrieri, John 0-3
Botwinick, Nathaniel 1-2
Kachru, Shiv 0-1
Holbrook, Andrew 0-2

Epee: 1W, 8L
Pearce, Michael 1-2
Bell, Thomas 0-3
Cohen, Alexander 0-3

Report filed by Dominique Fenton '10, Yale Sports Publicity