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Yale 2-3 In New York

John Gurrieri.
John Gurrieri.

Jan. 28, 2007

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -

The Bulldogs beat both Wayne State (16-11) and Stevens (17-10) at the NYU Invitational Sunday. But Yale lost meets to Ohio State (24-3), Notre Dame (22-5) and NYU (16-11). It was the foil squad that set the pace against Wayne State, while the epeeists led the way against Stevens. The Bulldogs' record now stands at 5-6.

The foil squad went a perfect 9-0 to pace Yale's victory over Wayne State. Sophomore Sebastian Cano-Besquet won all three of his bouts in the sabre squad's 6-3 win. Junior Gabe Billings won the epee squad's only bout.

Yale won all three weapons against Stevens, going 7-2 in the epee. Sophomore Michael Pearce and senior John Beski both went 3-0. The sabre and foil squads both fenced to 5-4 records. Freshman foilist John Gurrieri continued his impressive rookie campaign, as he won all three of his bouts.

The Bulldogs did not find success, however, against Ohio State, Notre Dame, and NYU. Ohio State won all three weapons. The Elis won only one weapon against both the Fighting Irish and the Violets. The epee squad battled to a 5-4 win over Notre Dame, while the foilists notched a 6-3 victory against NYU.

With the win, NYU avenged a November loss to Yale in New Haven.

The Bulldogs will be home Wednesday, January 27th, as Sacred Heart comes to town.

Report filed by Nicholas Thorne '08, Yale Sports Publicity