Bulldogs Top Sacred Heart and Drew

Bulldogs Top Sacred Heart and Drew

Jan. 31, 2009


In their first and last day of competition before a home crowd this season, the Bulldogs imposed themselves to seize two more non-league wins before taking on Ivy League competition next weekend. Yale downed Sacred Heart by 15-12, the same as last year's score. Against Drew, a new opponent, the Bulldogs also won 15-12.

In the 7th-floor fencing salon at Payne Whitney Gymnasium, enthusiasm was high. The viewing balcony was full of supporters, cheering on the Bulldogs as they sharpened their skills before the Ivy League Champion is determined.

"With the fans and fencers in the fencing room, the energy and excitement was really intense and helped us to pull out our final victories against Drew," said team manager Andrew Holbrook.

"We are happy we won today but we are already looking towards a focused week of practice before Ivy League competition starts next weekend," he said.

"Today was a good opportunity for use to refocus our training before next weekend," he added.

The two wins serve as momentum for the Bulldogs, who head to New York, N.Y., on Feb. 8 to face half of the Ivy League in the first of a two-part series. The Ivy South competition will be hosted by Columbia. Ivy League North, on Feb. 22, will be hosted by Brown in Providence, R.I.

"Fencing at home was great and although I am pleased with our victories, I think we could have done better against these two schools. Before Columbia next weekend we are going to be sure to warm-up more before fencing," said captain Michael Pearce.

Sacred Heart:
Yale wins, 15-12

Saber: 4V, 5L
Fields: 2-0
Holbrook: 1-2
Cano-Besquet: 1-2
Watty: 0-1

Epee: 3V, 6L
Cohen: 1-2
Bell: 0-2
Pearce: 2-1
Godoy: 0-1

Foil: 8V, 1L
Gurrieri: 2-0
Holbrook: 2-1
Botwinick: 3-0
Kachru: 1-0

Yale wins, 15-12

Saber: 4V, 5L
Fields: 1-1
Holbrook: 2-1
Watty: 1-2
Cano-Besquet: 0-1

Epee: 6V, 3L
Cohen: 2-1
Bell: 1-2
Pearce: 3-0

Foil: 5V, 4L
Kachru: 3-0
Botwinick: 0-2
Holbrook: 1-0
Gurrieri: 1-2

Report filed by Dominique Fenton '10, Yale Sports Publicity