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Bulldogs Have Morning Bite

Bulldogs Have Morning Bite

Elis Preparing for Union on Saturday

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- The dew on the grass glistened from the angle of the sun as the Yale football team warmed up for its second day of 7:30 AM practice on Clint Frank Field.

It was 57 degrees when Tom Williams (in photo), the Joel E. Smilow '54 Head Coach of Football, released the first screech from his airhorn, but the sweat had already started before he stepped on the field. Strength and conditioning coach Emil Johnson, with help from the upbeat clapping of the players, put the Elis through pre-practice preparation as the rest of the coaching staff moved through the tunnel under Derby Avenue.

Before the sun could dry the grass, quarterbacks were zipping balls to receivers, kickers were booming balls to return guys and everyone else was in their normal pre-practice mode. The rest of the practice looked like it could have been at any other time of the day.

It may not be easy getting out there, but the Yale team will soon realize how nice it is to have an afternoon like most college students.

Day two of morning practice was also the first day of classes, so the Bulldogs jogged back to the Smilow Field Center and got ready to head to breakfast and a day of checking out professors and courses.

The Elis are working toward Saturday's 1 PM scrimmage against Union College at the Bowl. It is likely to be run very close to game conditions with an option to simulate certain situations.

The Bulldogs open the season against a Georgetown team that will have played two regular-season contests. Game-like situations during practice and Saturday's competition are extremely important for a squad with a new coaching staff.


Here is a look at Yale football events leading up to opening-day kickoff.

Date                Event                                                                                Time

Sept. 1             Morning Practices Begin (T, W, R)                                     7:30 to 9

Sept. 5             Scrimmage vs. Union College                                            1 pm

Sept. 12           Photo Day at Yale Bowl                                                     10-11 am

Sept. 14           WYBC's Yale Sports Monday, Landsdowne Bar & Grill       8 pm (every Monday)

Sept. 15           Galiette/Yale FB Press Conference at Yale Bookstore       2 pm (every Tuesday)

Sept. 19           Season Opener at Georgetown                                        1 pm


Release filed by Steve Conn, Yale Associate AD & Sports Publicity Director