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Bulldogs Impacting Education

Bulldogs Impacting Education

Yale Football Working With EWYL


NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Yale football players are tackling much more than opposing players and a challenging academic load these days. Many members of the current team are also part of an effort called Earn While You Learn (EWYL), a program that combines the entire educational experience by getting school administration, parents and students working together to reinforce positive behavior in the classroom.

Headed by sophomore Cheshire, Conn., native, Sebastian Little, the Yale football team has joined forces with Hoops for Heart Health, ACTS 4 Ministry and Bucks Hill (Waterbury) Elementary School to build EWYL into a program that will ultimately impact academic potential for kids. 

Bucks Hill Elementary adopted the program last year and brought in Yale football for the monthly meetings.

"My mom (Jennifer Roeder) mentioned this [EWYL] to me last year, and I immediately thought our team could make an impact," said Little, a starting wide receiver. "We have so many role models who could help, and we were looking to get more involved with the community."  

Little said his goal is to bring 15 to 20 players to each meeting at Bucks Hill. The team would initiate a variety of physical fitness activities that encourage teamwork, respect, responsibility and safety. These activities are in addition to guest speakers presenting to parents.

"We try to act as good role models and encourage the same principles that we have learned throughout our years in sports," said Little, who mentioned that he and his teammates are brainstorming other outreach projects like a Bulldog brother program. 

The Yale football team recently earned a few honors for its work in the community. The Bulldogs received a community service award and an automatic external defibrillator (AED) from Hoops For Heart Health for their work on EWYL.

"We had the option to donate the AED to any school we wanted. I thought that since we had done a "community service," it was only right to give back to our community. We will look for an appropriate New Haven school," said Little, whose team will play six home games in 2014 during the 100th anniversary of Yale Bowl.


Filed by Steve Conn, Yale Sports Publicity Director