Yale Bowl 100th Anniversary Site Here

Yale Bowl 100th Anniversary Site Here

yalebowl100.com Ready For Fans

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - The website celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Yale Bowl, YaleBowl100.com, is up and running in preparation for the 2014 season.

The new website provides fans an opportunity to purchase anniversary clothing, see old images, buy tickets for this fall and learn fun facts about the world famous venue that opened in 1914.

The Yale football team has six home games this fall, including a Sept. 27 date with old rival Army. Early indications from West Point are that the 1,000 Cadets will come and march into the Bowl, a time-honored tradition from the first half of the facility's existence. Army would also have its band, mascot and maybe more. There has also been discussion about someone jumping into the Bowl to deliver the game ball.

Lehigh, Dartmouth, Colgate, Penn and Princeton are the others, and each game will have a special designation.

A great way to take in the history of Yale football in the Bowl will be available in a tent set up outside the stadium this fall. Trophies, game equipment, photos, uniforms and more will be displayed in the special exhibit at each home game. Fans will have an opportunity to have their photos taken with the Heisman Trophies won by former Bulldog stars Clint Frank and Larry Kelley, while all anniversary logoed items produced by Campus Customs will be available for purchase in this tent as well.


Bowl Talking Points

  • Yale Bowl, 1914-2014
  • Largest stadium in world when built in 1914
  • First football stadium in America to completely surround playing field
  • Rose Bowl and Michigan Stadium modeled after it
  • Home to one of the most storied (national titles, Heismans, NFL players) teams in American sports history
  • Home to NY Giants for 1973 (partial) and 1974 while Yankee Stadium was renovated
  • 600 Yale games played in the Bowl heading into the 100th season
  • Crowds of over 70,000 for 20 games (largest was Yale-Army in 1923 – 80,000)
  • Also hosted World Special Olympics, international soccer, concerts and lacrosse



filed by Steve Conn, Yale Sports Publicity Director:   steven.conn@yale.edu