39 Dante Chiappetta
39 Dante Chiappetta
Height: 3-5
Weight: 65
Hometown: North Haven, CT
High School: Clintonville
Position: Team Impact

Dante is a 7-year-old from North Haven, Conn., who is thrilled to become the newest Bulldog to join the family. 

When Dante was one-month-old, his parents realized he was not tracking movements. They brought him to a specialist and he was diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) which is a condition where his eyes see things correctly but his brain interprets the images incorrectly. Dante's parents were told he would be completely blind for the rest of his life unless he was able to gain sight by the age of one. He was able to gain sight, but his environment needs to be adjusted because his vision is sensitive. 

Dante has also been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which is a non-progressive movement disorder. Dante is able to walk but utilizes braces on his legs for support. Verbally, Dante is able to communicate with basic words and sentences to communicate his needs. He goes to speech, occupational, and physical therapy daily. Dante truly epitomizes what it means to be a fighter and will be a great inspiration to his new teammates. 

According to Dante, his favorite foods are chicken nuggets, pizza, M&Ms and Oreos. He likes the show Crash Bernstein, watching Lego City Mini Series on his iPad, and the movies Hotel Transylvania and Rio. Dante enjoys reading with his mom and his favorite books are Goodnight Galaxy, Goodnight Florida, Chica Chica Boom Boom. 

Dante is a big sports fan his favorite teams are the LA Kings, Boston Red Sox, and New York Giants. His favorite athlete is LA Kings goalie Johnathan Quick but I'm sure many of you will be on the list soon. Outside of sports, he's a big fan of Super Mario, Batman, and Superman. Dante loves the color green and listening to his favorite bands Bon Jovi and Van Halen.

His favorite activities are playing with his brothers Nate (8-years-old) and Landon (4-years-old), wrestling with his dad, listening to music and dancing, playing with cars, going to school, and playing with his best friend Kendra. Dante also enjoys riding his adaptive bike, going to aqua therapy, and riding his favorite horse Fiasco at hippotherapy.



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