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Yale Bowl Restoration Project

Yale Bowl Restoration Project

Work is scheduled to begin soon on the Yale Bowl Restoration project. The overall project is estimated at $27 million and is scheduled to include:

"The Bowl is a sacred place to me. Yale Football wants to be annual contenders for the Ivy League Championship and one important step toward accomplishing this goal is to restore the home of Yale Football."
Former Head Coach Carm Cozza

  • a "Bulldog Plaza" that will feature the names of every Yale football team member
  • an upgraded press box and corporate sky box section
  • a new scoreboard
  • work to the interior seating of the Bowl
  • restoring the Bowl walls and portal entrances
  • erecting a decorative fence around the Yale Bowl Complex
  • restoring the iron gates at the portals
  • implementing a drainage system to channel water away from the walls

For more information on the project, please call Carm Cozza at 203-432-1465 or Associate Athletic Director Tim Ford at 203-432-1419.

"The current fundraising campaign for the Bowl, from a former player's standpoint, represents a grass roots effort to honor the traditions of Yale Football and the men who played and coached it. Our efforts will serve to ensure the future of football at Yale by turning over a renovated and financially secure Yale Bowl to future generations of Yale players and fans to enjoy in perpetuity."
Yale Football Association President Pat Ruwe '83