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Gibson Named USILA All-America

Matt Gibson and Brian Douglass celebrate a goal. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)
Matt Gibson and Brian Douglass celebrate a goal. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)

2nd Straight Selection for Attackman


BALTIMORE, Md.Matt Gibson (Point Lookout, N.Y.) added to this spring's list of honors when he was named to the 2011 USILA All-America Team. The Yale attackman, an honorable mention selection for the second straight year, was named to the prestigious squad today.

Gibson, a two-time All-Ivy and All-New England pick, earned the 2011 Walter T. Collins '23 Award as Yale's offensive most valuable player. He led the Bulldogs with 16 assists and was second with 20 goals and 36 points.

The former Chaminade High School star is Yale's first two-time All-American since defenseman Don Gerne was picked in both 1999 and 2000. The last offensive player from Yale to make two USILA teams was attackman Tom Zaccagnino in 1995 and 1996.









2011 All-America Team

Division I

  First Team


                                                 Jeremy    Boltus                                  United States Military Academy

                                                 Robert     Pannell                               Cornell University

                                                 Steele      Stanwick                             University of Virginia


                                                 Kevin       Crowley                              Stony Brook University

                                                 David       Earl                                      University of Notre Dame

                                                 Roy          Lang                                    Cornell University

                                                 John        Ranagan                             Johns Hopkins University

                         Long Pole Midfielder

                                                 Brian        Karalunas                           Villanova University

                                                 Joel         White                          Syracuse University


                                                 Matt         Dolente                           Johns Hopkins University


                                                 Max          Feely                                   Cornell University

                                                 John        Lade                                    Syracuse University

                                                 Kevin       Ridgway                              University of Notre Dame


                                                 John        Galloway                            Syracuse University


Second Team


                                                 Billy          Bitter                                    University of North Carolina

                                                 Stephen  Keogh                                 Syracuse University

                                                 Mark        Matthews                            University of Denver


                                                 Zach        Brenneman                        University of Notre Dame

                                                 Colin        Briggs                                  University of Virginia

                                                 Jovan      Miller                                   Syracuse University

                                                 Justin       Turri                                     Duke University

                         Long Pole Midfielder

                                                 Brian        Farrell                                  University of Maryland


                                                 Tim          Fallon                                  University of Hartford


                                                 Tucker     Durkin                                 Johns Hopkins University

                                                 Ryan        Flanagan                            University of North Carolina

                                                 Brett         Schmidt                              University of Maryland      


                                                 Pierce      Bassett                                Johns Hopkins University


  Third Team


                                                 Nicky       Galasso                              University of North Carolina

                                                 Zach        Howell                                 Duke University

                                                 Jordan     McBride                              Stony Brook University

                                                 Ryan        Young                                  University of Maryland


                                                 Joseph    Cummings                         University of Maryland

                                                 Chris        LaPierre                              University of Virginia

                                                 Thomas  Schreiber                            Princeton University

                                                 Jeremy    Thompson                          Syracuse University

                         Long Pole Midfielder

                                                 CJ            Costabile                            Duke University


                                                 RG            Kenan                                 University of North Carolina


                                                 William    Henderson                         United States Military Academy

                                                 Tom         Montelli                               Duke University

                                                 Chad       Wiedmaier                         Princeton University


                                                 Tyler        Fiorito                                  Princeton University


Honorable Mention


                                                 Peter        Baum                                  Colgate University

                                                 Carter      Bender                                University of Hartford

                                                 Chris        Bocklet                                University of Virginia

                                                 Chris        Boland                                Johns Hopkins University

                                                 Jay           Card                                    Hofstra University

                                                 Grant       Catalino                              University of Maryland

                                                 Dean       Gibbons                              Harvard University

                                                 Matthew  Gibson                                Yale University

                                            JoJo       Marasco                                   Syracuse University

                                                 Trevor      Moore                                  Robert Morris University

                                                 Bryan       Neufeld                               Siena College

                                                 Scott        Perri                                     Drexel University

                                                 Mike         Sawyer                                Loyola University

                                                 Garret      Thul                                     United States Military Academy

                                                 Kyle         Wharton                              Johns Hopkins University

                                                 Jordan     Wolf                                     Duke University


                                                 Josh         Amidon                               Syracuse University

                                                 Anthony  Biscardi                               University of Massachusetts

                                                 Chase     Carraro                               University of Denver

                                                 Jimmy     Dunster                               University of North Carolina

                                                 Cam        Flint                                      University of Denver

                                                 John        Haus                                    University of Maryland

                                                 Marcus    Holman                               University of North Carolina

                                                 Robert     Rotanz                                 Duke University

                                                 Charlie    Streep                                 Bucknell University

                    Long Pole Midfielder

                                                 Tim          Henerson                           United States Military Academy

                                                 Andrew   Irving                                   University of Notre Dame


                                                 John        Antoniades                         Hofstra University

                                                 Curtis       Holmes                               University of Maryland

                                                 Christopher Mattes                            Rutgers University

                                                 Adam      Rand                                    Stony Brook University


                                                 Sam         Barnes                                University of Notre Dame

                                                 Pat           Dowling                              University of Delaware

                                                 Barney    Ehrmann                            Georgetown University

                                                 Peter        Fallon                                  Brown University

                                                 Michael   Hirsch                                  United States Naval Academy

                                                 Brett         Hughes                               University of Pennsylvania

                                                 Matthew  Kawamoto                          The Ohio State University

                                                 Alex         Lyons                                  Bucknell University

                                                 Jason      Noble                                  Cornell University

                                                 Mason     Poli                                      Bryant College

                                                 Max          Schmidt                              University of Maryland

                                                 Duncan   Seale                                   Siena College

                                                 Mike         Skudin                                 Hofstra University


                                                 Jamie      Faus                                    University of Denver

                                                 Adam      Ghitelman                          University of Virginia

                                                 Andrew   Gvozden                             Hofstra University

                                                 Austin      Kayt                                     Penn State University

                                                 John        Kemp                                  University of Notre Dame

                                                 Mark        Manos                                 Drexel University

                                                 Tom         Palesky                               United States Military Academy