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Bulldogs Host Ivy Scrimmages This Weekend

Todd Ruth.
Todd Ruth.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - After a tough pre-season led by captain Todd Ruth, the Yale men's squash team is determined to shock its Ivy League competition in the upcoming Ivy Scrimmages.  Finishing fifth at the CSA Team Championships last February, the team is looking to drastically improve its National rank this year.  During the 2008-2009 season, the Yale men saw 13 wins and two losses, one to Ivy League Champion Princeton and the other to National Champion Trinity. 

            The talented freshman class includes Kenneth Chan from Singapore, Richard Dodd from South Africa, Sam Haig from Greenwich, Conn., and Hywel Robinson from Wales.  Chan, Dodd and Robinson are all vying for top spots on the ladder, which will ultimately add depth to the line-up.  The freshmen are a key component to closing the gap between Yale and powerhouses Princeton and Trinity. 

            Returning players include Ruth and fellow senior Aaron Fuchs, both of whom will play top positions.  The senior class also includes Sharyar Aziz, Rusty Feldman and Chris Reid.  Juniors John Fulham and CJ Plimpton will also play high on the ladder.  Sophomores Robby Berner, Sam Clayman, Ryan Dowd and John Roberts will fill in the rest of the line-up with talent, strength and experience. 

            Head coach Dave Talbott and assistant coaches Pam Saunders and Gareth Webber will be joined by volunteer assistant coach Pam Anckermann, a recent graduate from Mount Holyoke.  This strong coaching staff will help push each individual player to his full potential. 

            The Ivy Scrimmages will give the Bulldogs the opportunity to showcase their new and improved team.  The Scrimmages will be held at Yale's Brady Squash Center, beginning on Nov. 7.  The season opener against Williams will take place on Nov. 20 at home and will set the tone for the 2009-2010 season.  


Ivy League Squash Scrimmage

November 7-8, 2009


Men: 10:30-Harvard-Dartmouth, Yale -Brown, winners and losers play-3:00

            12:45-Princeton-Columbia, Cornell-Penn, winners and losers play-5:15 

Women: 10:30-Brown-Penn, Dartmouth-Harvard, winners and losers play-3:00

                   12:45-Princeton-Columbia, Yale-Cornell, winners and losers play-5:15



5-8 place-10:00

1-4 place-12:30