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Yale Men Start Off Season Strong

Yale Men Start Off Season Strong

PHILIDELPHIA, Pa.—The No. 9 Yale men's squash team upset No. 7 Drexel 6-3 on Friday evening, starting out their regular season on a good note.

The win is particularly sweet for the Bulldogs, who fell to Drexel twice last season in close 5-4 matches.

According to both Head Coach Dave Talbott and senior Captain Thomas Kingshott, it was this team's depth that made all the difference in the Bulldogs' debut match. The Yale men played strong from top to bottom, showcasing their ability to perform even with No. 1 spot Spencer Lovejoy out with appendicitis.

Yale will rest up for their next match tomorrow against Franklin & Marshall, which will begin at 12:00 p.m.

Report by Kate Flanders '18, Yale Sports Publicity


  Drexel University Rating Yale University Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1S Rousselet, lucas  5.64673 Kochhar, Arjun  5.57977 14-12,11-6,11-0 Drexel University C
2S Ming, Bransten  5.82234 Martin, Max M 5.83751 8-11,11-5,7-11,11-3,11-9 Drexel University C
3S Kelly, Atticus D 5.64935 Gill, Harrison  5.91156 11-2,4-11,11-6,11-2 Yale University C
4S Kachur, Dylan  Lapsed-member Broadwater, Pierson R. 5.53486 12-10,5-11,16-14,12-10 Yale University C
5S Fry, Nathaniel  5.3358 Kingshott, Thomas  5.59953 11-4,11-4,7-11,11-9 Yale University C
6S Hughes, Josh  5.35254 McCafferty, Calvin  5.5195 5-11,11-7,11-3,11-6 Yale University C
7S Solomon, Noel  5.32226 Carney, Tyler M. 5.52423 2-11,11-9,11-4,11-7 Drexel University C
8S Aboul Makarim, Mostafa  5.42189 pandole, yohan  5.51765 6-11,11-9,11-8,11-4 Yale University C
9S Raymond, Royston  5.2193 Losty, James  5.4054 11-9,7-11,11-6,11-6 Yale University C
10S Mekdeci, Ben  5.07849 Rhee, Jacob  5.63291 11-6,11-6,11-9 Yale University C