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The Passing of a Champion

Captain Cyrus Mehta (in the middle of the middle row) in the 1989-90 Team Photo
Captain Cyrus Mehta (in the middle of the middle row) in the 1989-90 Team Photo

CYRUS MEHTA, 1967-2018


By Dave Talbott, the Brooks G. Ragen Director of Squash at Yale


Cyrus Mehta, Yale Class of 1990, passed away last week in London after a battle with cancer.  Cyrus was Captain of Yale Squash in 1990 and led the Yale team to National and Ivy League Championships.  His senior campaign was the first undefeated Yale season since the 1960-61 season and capped the rebuilding of the program.


Cyrus was the No. 1 ranked junior in India, having grown up in Mumbai attending Cathedral and John Cannon School.  He was one of many top Indian Juniors who came to the Ivy League to play and get an elite education.  Cyrus was Yale's first top Indian recruit in squash and led the way for my other players over the last three decades.  


Cyrus led a group of five seniors who were the backbone of that team building to the National Championship.  Alex Dean, Jeff Hoerle, Tuffy Kingsbury, and Chris Hunt joined the team along with Cyrus in fall of 1986.  Those five were joined by juniors, John Musto, Tim Goodale, Alex Darrow, and sophomore Garrett Frank.  Those nine players had the historic undefeated season that has not been repeated since 1990.


Cyrus worked in finance and moved to London in 1999 after working in New York where he continued to play top competitive squash.  He married his first wife, Jane, in the UK, and Alia was born in 1999.  Jane passed away from cancer in 2009.  Cyrus was fortunate to fall in love again and is survived by his second wife, Tessa.  Alia has just completed her first year of University and is studying in the UK.


Cyrus has an amazing circle of family, friends, and community.  A great sense of humor and compassion for others, Cyrus was always in touch and reaching out to those who he cared for in his life.  Many of his friends and former teammates have so many things to say and share about Cyrus.  Please look at Rob Dinerman's piece from yesterday on for a bit of history of Cyrus and Yale Squash. 


There are so many of us who have such love and regard for Cyrus and the way in which he lived his life.  We look forward to acknowledging Cyrus in a meaningful way at Yale Squash and continuing his legacy.  The 2018-19 Yale Men's Team is dedicating its season to Cyrus and look forward to acknowledging that on the weekend of January 12-13, when Yale plays Princeton and Penn at The Brady Squash Center.