Elis Dominate in Maine

Elis Dominate in Maine

Jan. 6, 2007

LEWISTON, ME - The Elis got 2007 off to a good start on Saturday, when they trekked to Maine to face off against Colby, Bowdoin and Bates. The Bulldogs thrashed Colby and Bowdoin 9-0 in Brunswick before concluding their day with an 8-1 win against Bates in Lewiston.

A number of Bulldogs were impressive in Yale's first match of the day against the Mules of Colby. Playing at No. 1, Max Samuel defeated Ryan Maher 3-0, and Ho Ming Chiu played a strong match in the No. 3 slot, downing Andy Carr, 3-0. In fact, all of Yale's nine wins came in 3-0 sweeps, save for Moshe Sarfaty's 3-1 win in the No. 2 slot.

Against Bowdoin, the Elis continued their dominant play, winning 9-0. Samuel dusted Matthew Dresher 3-0 at No. 1, and Chiu got by Christopher Nehrbas in a very close 3-2 match. The Bulldogs swept the rest of the matches, save for Bill Hatch's 3-1 win over Peter Cipriano.

Despite dropping the No. 1 match against Bates, Yale was still able to pull out an 8-1 win against the Bobcats in the Elis' third match of the day. Though No. 1 Nick Chirls took an early 1-0 lead in his match, he ultimately fell to Bates's two-time All-American, Ricky Weisskopf, by a score of 3-1. In the Bulldogs' first-ever visit to Bates, however, they were able to take the other eight matches, all by scores of 3-0.

"Bowdoin and Bates just built new facilities," explained Head Coach Dave Talbott. "There were good crowds in both places, and we were the first of H-Y-P to get to play up there."

The Elis will next be in action this Friday, when they play Williams in Williamstown, MA.

At Brunswick, ME
v. Colby - W, 9-0
No. 1 Max Samuel (Y) def. Ryan Maher (C), 3-0
No. 2 Moshe Sarfaty (Y) W, 3-1
No. 3 Ho Ming Chiu (Y) def. Andy Carr (C), 3-0
No. 4 Todd Ruth (Y) def. Justin Russell (C), 3-0
No. 5 Francis Johnson (Y) def. Henry Goldstein (C), 3-0
No. 6 Colin Campbell (Y) def. Gustaf Lonaeus (C), 3-0
No. 7 Bill Hatch (Y) def. Drew Moreland (C), 3-0
No. 8 Ethan Oetter (Y) def. Adam Goldfarb (C), 3-0
No. 9 Russell Feldman (Y) def. Ken Cramer (C), 3-0

v. Bowdoin - W, 9-0
No. 1 Max Samuel (Y) def. Matthew Dresher (B), 3-0
No. 2 Ho Ming Chiu (Y) def. Christopher Nehrbas (B), 3-2
No. 3 Todd Ruth (Y) def. Zach Linhart (B), 3-0
No. 4 Moshe Sarfaty (Y) def. David Funk (B), 3-0
No. 5 Francis Johnson (Y) def. Palmer Higgins (B), 3-0
No. 6 Ethan Oetter (Y) W, 3-0
No. 7 Colin Campbell (Y) def. Jacob Sack (B), 3-0
No. 8 Bill Hatch (Y) def. Peter Cipriano (B), 3-1
No. 9 W (Y), 3-0

At Lewiston, ME
v. Bates - W, 8-1
No. 1 Ricky Weisskopf (B) def. Nick Chirls (Y), 3-1
No. 2 Max Samuel (Y) def. Sean Wilkinson (B), 3-0
No. 3 Ho Ming Chiu (Y) def. Gary Kan (B), 3-0
No. 4 Todd Ruth (Y) def. Jordan Greenberg (B), 3-0
No. 5 Moshe Sarfaty (Y) def. Chip Russell (B), 3-0
No. 6 Francis Johnson (Y) def. Deacon Chapin (B), 3-0
No. 7 Ethan Oetter (Y) def. Charlie Johnson (B), 3-0
No. 8 Colin Campbell (Y) def. Marc Taggart (B), 3-0
No. 9 Russell Feldman (Y) def. Rob Munro (B), 3-0

Report filed by David Sherfinski '08, Yale Sports Publicity