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Elis Fall to No. 1 Trinity 6-3

Elis Fall to No. 1 Trinity 6-3

Jan. 21, 2004

After watching the women's squash team eke out an upset victory over No. 1 Trinity, the men's team just missed doing the same. The No. 2 Bulldogs earned three wins against the Bantams, falling 6-3 in their big match of the season.

Julian Illingworth easily won his No. 1 match against Trinity's Michael Ferreira, defeating the Bantam 3-0 by scores of 9-1, 9-2, 9-0. Last year, Illingworth fell 3-1 to Bernando Samper, who had always played the top position for Trinity until he lost to Ferreira in Monday's challenge match.

"I think maybe if I'd played Samper it would have been a better match," Illingworth said. "I think my length off the volley today was forcing [Ferreira] to the back of court so he had to boast a lot. Today was the first time all year that I've put all my game together in a coherant fashion."

Samper instead played No. 2 today for the first time in his collegiate career, and Yale's Josh Schwartz fell to him 3-0. In the No. 3 match, Anshul Manchanda fell to Trinity's Regardt Schonborn 3-0 as well.

Yale's other winners on the evening were Nick Chirls, who defeated Nadeem Osman 3-1, and Andrew Vinci, who went up 2 games to love on opponent Shaun Cardoza, only to see Cardoza battle back to tie the score at 2 games apiece. Vinci won the fifth game to take the No. 9 match 3-2.

In other action, Gavin Cumberbatch fell to Yvain Shafiq Badan 3-0, and William Rees dropped his match by the same score to Eduardo Pereira. Avner Geva and Ryan Byrnes both won games against their opponents, but lost by 3-1 scores.

Men: Trinity at Yale University

1. Julian Illingsworth (Y) def. Michael Ferreira (T), 3-0
2. Bernardo Samper (T) def. Joshua Schwartz (Y), 3-0
3. Regardt Schonborn (T) def. Anshul Manchanda (Y), 3-0
4. Yvain Shafiq Badan (T) def. Gavin Cumberbatch (Y), 3-0
5. Nick Chirls (Y) def. Nadeem Osman (T), 3-1
6. Eduardo Pereira (T) def. William Rees (Y), 3-0
7. John Malloy (T) def. Avner Geva (Y), 3-1
8. Jacques Swanepoel (T) def. Ryan Byrnes (Y), 3-1
9. Andrew Vinci (Y) def. Shaun Cardoza (T), 3-2

report by Katie Baker '05, Yale Sports Publicity Department