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Yale Players Shine on First Day of Penn Invitational

Dennis Wang (photo by Alexandra Schmeling)
Dennis Wang (photo by Alexandra Schmeling)

Bulldogs Submit Impressive Fall Debut with 12-4 Overall Record in Doubles and Singles

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Yale men's tennis team kicked off the 2016 fall season in Philadelphia on Friday, taking on opponents from Navy and William & Mary. Despite the strength of their opponents (William & Mary narrowly edged Yale 4-3 in a dual match this past January), the Elis rose above the competition on the tournament's opening day, claiming 12 victories out of 16 total doubles and singles matches. Starting the day at 9:00 a.m., the players showed impressive resilience and composure after a long summer break from collegiate tennis.

Although Yale played three doubles matches against Navy, the majority of Friday's action (12 of 16 matches) featured William & Mary as the competition. In singles, senior captain Tyler Lu played the tightest match of the day, returning to action in style with a thrilling 7-6, 3-6, 1-0 (11-9) win over William & Mary's Aidan Talcott. Freshman Dylan King and sophomore Dennis Wang also came through in the clutch, both securing narrow third-set tiebreak victories over Damon Niquet and Addison Appleby, respectively. Freshman Ryan Cheng joined King in securing his first collegiate victory, cruising to a 6-2, 6-2 result over William & Mary's Ryan Newman. Yale's third freshman, Andrew Heller, also performed well in a competitive 1-6, 6-2, 1-0 (10-4) loss to Michael Ruamthong. As for Yale's more veteran players, juniors Fedor Andrienko and Ziqi Wang both secured straight-set singles victories, while senior Alex Hagermoser came up just short in a third-set tiebreak to William & Mary's Tristan Bautil.

In doubles against William & Mary, Yale's senior-freshman pairing of Photos Photiades and King showed promising chemistry in a 6-2 victory over Christian Cargill and Damon Niquet. Yale sophomore Nathan Brown's teamwork with the freshman Cheng was also impressive, as the two capitalized on an early lead to take their match 6-1 over William & Mary's Bautil and Ruamthong. The Bulldogs also won all four doubles matches against Navy; the scores of these matches are posted below.

Despite a great start to the 2016-17 campaign, the Elis have no time to celebrate; the Penn Invitational will continue for two more days. Still, if Yale can carry Friday's success over into the rest of the weekend, the team will have gone a long way in declaring itself a top regional contender this season.

Report by Cameron Ferguson '18, Yale Sports Publicity


Singles vs. William & Mary

Lu(Y) def. Talcott(WM), 7-6; 3-6; 1-0(11-9)

Z.Wang(Y) def. Cargill(WM), 6-4; 7-6(8)

Andrenko(Y) def. de Boer(WM), 6-3; 6-4

King(Y) def. Niquet(WM), 6-4; 3-6; 1-0(10-8)

Cheng(Y) def. Newman(WM), 6-2; 6-2

Bautil(WM) def. Hagermoser(Y), 2-6; 6-2; 1-0(10-4)

Ruamthong(WM) def. Heller(Y), 1-6; 6-2; 1-0(10-4)

D.Wang(Y) def. Appleby(WM), 7-5; 4-6; 1-0(10-4)


Doubles vs. William & Mary

Talcott/Newman(WM) def. Lu/Andrienko(Y), 7-5

Cargill/Niquet(WM) def. Z.Wang/Hagermoser(Y), 6-2

Photiades/King(Y) def. de Boer/Appleby(WM), 6-2

Cheng/Brown(Y) def. Bautil/Ruamthong(WM), 6-1


Doubles vs. Navy

Lu/Hagermoser(Y) def. Lee/Wong(N), 7-5

Andrienko/King(Y) def. Sims/Pilones(N), 6-2

Brown/Photiades(Y) def. Hicks/Jennings(N), 6-1

Heller/D.Wang(Y) def. Cooks(Navy)/Shatalin(Penn), 6-4