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THE STAT CREW SYSTEM Yale Game-by-Game Highs (as of Apr 06, 2010) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOLY CROSS 11/13/09 66-60 W 15-Vasquez, Mega 15-Cashen, Miche 2-Greenfield, Y 5-Carter, Ashle 1-Messimer, All Gobrecht, Mad Colborne, Mel Vasquez, Mega Cashen, Miche Gobrecht, Mad ARMY 11/17/09 55-42 W 14-Colborne, Mel 11-Cashen, Miche 3-Vasquez, Mega 3-Colborne, Mel 1-Gobrecht, Mad Cashen, Miche Cashen, Miche ARIZONA STATE 11/19/09 46-82 L 8-Vasquez, Mega 5-Seelaus, Alic 3-Cashen, Miche 2-Gobrecht, Mad 1-Carter, Ashle Vasquez, Mega Cashen, Miche Seelaus, Alic Gobrecht, Mad vs Toledo 11/27/09 61-78 L 13-Colborne, Mel 8-Messimer, All 3-Messimer, All 5-Cashen, Miche 2-Carter, Ashle Greenfield, Y vs N.C. A&T 11/28/09 79-80 L 17-Colborne, Mel 10-Gobrecht, Mad 6-Gobrecht, Mad 3-Vasquez, Mega 3-Gobrecht, Mad at Bucknell 12/05/09 54-50 W 10-Colborne, Mel 7-Gobrecht, Mad 4-Cashen, Miche 3-Greenfield, Y 1-Cashen, Miche BOSTON U. 12/09/09 61-57 W 18-Gobrecht, Mad 9-Cashen, Miche 3-Vasquez, Mega 2-Carter, Ashle 1-Gobrecht, Mad Greenfield, Y Gobrecht, Mad Vasquez, Mega Cashen, Miche Colborne, Mel UC DAVIS 12/19/09 55-60 L 16-Gobrecht, Mad 9-Cashen, Miche 4-Vasquez, Mega 3-Gobrecht, Mad 3-Wright, Haywo Gobrecht, Mad at Quinnipiac 12/21/09 59-75 L 17-Greenfield, Y 13-Gobrecht, Mad 3-Gobrecht, Mad 2-Greenfield, Y None Colborne, Mel Vasquez, Mega at Sacred Heart 12/28/09 67-76 L 14-Vasquez, Mega 8-Cashen, Miche 3-Gobrecht, Mad 3-Seelaus, Alic 2-Cashen, Miche Vasquez, Mega at Kansas State 01/02/10 59-78 L 18-Vasquez, Mega 6-Cashen, Miche 6-Gobrecht, Mad 2-Cashen, Miche 1-Wright, Haywo at Colorado 01/04/10 71-78 L 18-Cashen, Miche 11-Cashen, Miche 4-Colborne, Mel 2-Wright, Haywo 2-Gobrecht, Mad Greenfield, Y at NJIT 01/09/10 68-58 W 16-Gobrecht, Mad 10-Wright, Haywo 2-Gobrecht, Mad 2-Cashen, Miche 6-Gobrecht, Mad Seelaus, Alic Wright, Haywo Colborne, Mel at Brown 01/15/10 56-60 L 15-Gobrecht, Mad 10-Gobrecht, Mad 5-Gobrecht, Mad 2-Gobrecht, Mad 5-Wright, Haywo at Bryant 01/18/10 62-69 L 19-Vasquez, Mega 8-Wright, Haywo 3-Colborne, Mel 3-Wright, Haywo 2-Wright, Haywo Vasquez, Mega Wright, Haywo BROWN 01/22/10 67-43 W 11-Greenfield, Y 9-Vasquez, Mega 3-Gobrecht, Mad 4-Gobrecht, Mad 2-Gobrecht, Mad Cashen, Miche Wright, Haywo at Penn 01/29/10 58-51 W 16-Vasquez, Mega 9-Gobrecht, Mad 5-Gobrecht, Mad 3-Vasquez, Mega 1-Gobrecht, Mad Wright, Haywo Wright, Haywo at Princeton 01/30/10 48-69 L 11-Greenfield, Y 8-Colborne, Mel 4-Gobrecht, Mad 2-Cashen, Miche 1-Gobrecht, Mad Colborne, Mel Colborne, Mel CORNELL 02/05/10 74-50 W 13-Gobrecht, Mad 10-Cashen, Miche 5-Colborne, Mel 3-Greenfield, Y 2-Wright, Haywo Cashen, Miche COLUMBIA 02/06/10 81-74 W 20-Greenfield, Y 9-Cashen, Miche 7-Vasquez, Mega 1-Cashen, Miche 2-Cashen, Miche Vasquez, Mega Carter, Ashle Messimer, All at Harvard 02/12/10 65-88 L 14-Cashen, Miche 4-Colborne, Mel 4-Gobrecht, Mad 3-Messimer, All 1-Gobrecht, Mad at Dartmouth 02/13/10 70-66 WO 19-Vasquez, Mega 10-Gobrecht, Mad 3-Colborne, Mel 2-Vasquez, Mega 2-Cashen, Miche PRINCETON 02/19/10 44-65 L 8-Gobrecht, Mad 10-Wright, Haywo 3-Greenfield, Y 1-Wright, Haywo 2-Wright, Haywo Wright, Haywo Colborne, Mel Messimer, All Gobrecht, Mad PENN 02/20/10 70-38 W 12-Vasquez, Mega 7-Wright, Haywo 5-Vasquez, Mega 3-Vasquez, Mega 2-Gobrecht, Mad Cashen, Miche DARTMOUTH 02/26/10 58-42 W 10-Greenfield, Y 7-Cashen, Miche 4-Colborne, Mel 2-Cashen, Miche 1-Colborne, Mel Gobrecht, Mad Vasquez, Mega Gobrecht, Mad
THE STAT CREW SYSTEM Yale Game-by-Game Highs (as of Apr 06, 2010) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vasquez, Mega Colborne, Mel HARVARD 02/27/10 60-68 L 14-Colborne, Mel 6-Vasquez, Mega 5-Vasquez, Mega 3-Vasquez, Mega 1-Colborne, Mel Vasquez, Mega at Columbia 03/05/10 47-64 L 13-Vasquez, Mega 5-Gobrecht, Mad 2-Colborne, Mel 2-Gobrecht, Mad 2-Carter, Ashle Carter, Ashle Gobrecht, Mad at Cornell 03/06/10 74-60 W 20-Colborne, Mel 4-Gobrecht, Mad 6-Gobrecht, Mad 3-Carter, Ashle 2-Gobrecht, Mad