No 1 Bulldogs Capture Connell Cup To Open Season

No 1 Bulldogs Capture Connell Cup To Open Season

Varsity Eight Cruises To Nearly 11 Second Victory; Four Other Yale Boats All Win

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – The Yale women’s crew, ranked No. 1 in the nation, opened the spring season in impressive fashion. The Bulldogs topped Penn and Columbia in all five races, each by at least six seconds, to easily retain the Connell Cup on the Schuylkill River.

“We raced well,” said Yale head coach Will Porter. “In the lower boats, we’re pretty young, so it was important to work out the kinks and jitters, and I think this race helped us do that.”

In the varsity eight, the Bulldogs finished in 6:10.1, nearly 11 seconds ahead of second-place Penn. Columbia was third in 6:24.4.

The second varsity was involved in the closest race of the day. Yale finished in 6:25.8, while Columbia came in at 6:27.5. The Lions, though, were penalized at the conclusion of the race due to course interference with the Penn crew in lane 3. The Quakers had a time of 6:31.7.

The Bulldogs won the varsity four race with a time of 7:00.1, more than 19 seconds better than second-place Penn. Yale also captured the second varsity four and third varsity eight races.

Despite the cold weather, the conditions on the Schuykill were good.

“There was relatively flat water with a quick current,” Porter said. “It was some of the best conditions I’ve seen on the Schuykill.”

The Bulldogs will race three times next weekend in Ithaca, N.Y. It starts with the battle for the Cayuga Cup against Syracuse and Cornell on Friday at 5 p.m. On Saturday, Yale races Michigan State at 8 a.m. and Buffalo at 3 p.m.


Varsity Eight

1. Yale 6:10.1

2. Penn 6:21.6

3. Columbia 6:24.4

Second Varsity Eight

1. Yale 6:25.8

2. Penn 6:31.7

3. Columbia** 6:27.5

Columbia excluded from the race due to course interference with the Penn crew in lane 3

Varsity Four

1. Yale 7:00.1

2. Penn 7:19.2

3. Columbia 7:23.3

Second Varsity Four

1. Yale 7:19.6

2. Penn 7:31.2

3. Columbia 7:32.8

Third Varsity Eight

1. Yale 6:39.8

2. Columbia 6:51.2

3. Penn 6:54.7

Yale Boatings vs. Penn/Columbia



1- Natalie King

2- Caroline Nash

3- Maren Mccrea

4- Armine Afeyan

5- Tess Gerrand

6- Alice Henly

7- Dara Dickson

8- Taylor Ritzel

c- Mia Kanak



1– Ryan Mccarthy

2- Brittany Bowman

3- Lauren Ross

4- Emily Tormey

5- Julia Jolliffe

6- Melissa Weigel

7- Georgia Separovich

8- Mary Barrose Antle

C- Margaret Ayers



1- Kathryn D'Andrea

2- Mary Jo Toothman

3- Julia Jolliffe

4- Kathleen O’Keefe

5- Catherine McDermott

6- Catherine Hart

7- Allix Wilde

8- Eliza Hastings

C- Sarah Brownlee



1- Nikki Grigg

2- Alexandra Fields

3- Elizabeth McDermott

4- Mary Pat Wixted

C- Erica Segall



1- Lily Blair

2- Laura Gottesdiener

3- Katherine Dyke

4- Amanda Grady

C- Yassmin Parsaei

Report filed by Tim Bennett, Yale Sports Publicity