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No. 4 Bulldogs Race Radcliffe For Case Cup

No. 4 Bulldogs Race Radcliffe For Case Cup

Yale Racing On Housatonic River For Final Time In 2010

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. – The Case Cup has been safely sitting in the trophy room at the Gilder Boathouse for six straight years. Yale will try to make sure it stays right there on Saturday when it races Radcliffe. Action on the Housatonic River gets under way at 8:30 a.m. Yale's heavyweight crew will be racing Princeton and Cornell as well.

The Bulldogs, ranked fourth in the nation, hope to rebound from a difficult day against Virginia and Princeton last Saturday. Yale's varsity eight and varsity four finished behind both the Tigers and Cavaliers, while the second varsity was second, behind Princeton.

Radcliffe, ranked 20th, had first-place finishes in both the second varsity and varsity four last weekend against Dartmouth and Syracuse. The Crimson's varsity eight came in seven seconds behind Dartmouth, but beat Syracuse.

Photo of Ryan McCarthy by David Hastings

Schedule of Events
8:30 a.m.    Women's Second Varsity Four
8:40 a.m.    Men's 4V/2F 8+
8:50 a.m.    Women's Varsity Four
9:00 a.m.    Men's Varsity Eight
9:10 a.m.    Women's Second Varsity Eight
9:20 a.m.    Men's Second Varsity Eight
9:30 a.m.    Women's Varsity Eight
9:40 a.m.    Men's Freshman Eight
9:50 a.m.    Women's Third Varsity Eight
10:45 a.m.    Men's Third Varsity Eight

Yale Boatings

Varsity Eight
1: Dara Dickson (So., Lafayette, CA)           
2: Caroline Nash (Jr., Darien, CT)
3: Catherine Hart (Sr., Westmount, Quebec)                                 
4: Stephanie Madner (Jr., Kew Australia)                         
5: Maren McCrea (Sr., Larkspur, CA)
6: Alice Henly (Sr., Victoria, Australia)
7: Tess Gerrand (Sr., New South Wales, Australia)
8: Taylor Ritzel (Sr., Larkspur, CO)
c: Mia Kanak (Sr., Tokyo, Japan)

Second Varsity Eight
1: Catherine McDermott (So., Cazenovia, NY)
2: Mary Jo Toothman (So., Waynesburg, PA)
3: Kathryn D'Andrea (Fr., Darien, CT)
4: Kathleen O'Keefe (So., Washington, DC)
5: Armine Afeyan (So., Lexington, MA)
6: Natalie King (Fr., Weston, CT)
7: Allix Wilde (Sr., Bethesda, MD)
8: Eliza Hastings (Fr., Berwyn, PA)
C: Sarah Brownlee (Jr., Tampa, FL)

Varsity Four
1: Nikki Grigg (So., Washington, DC)
2: Alexandra Fields (Jr., Rock Island, IL)
3: Elizabeth McDermott (So., Cazenovia, NY)
4: Mary Pat Wixted (Sr., Moorestown, NJ)
C: Erica Segall (Fr., Andover, MA)

Third Varsity Eight
1: Emily Tormey (Fr., Seattle, WA)          
2: Ryan McCarthy (Sr., Pine Brook, NJ)
3: Brittany Bowman (So., West Grove, PA)       
4: Lily Blair (Jr., Seattle, WA)
5: Georgia Separovich (So., New South Wales, Australia)      
6: Melissa Weigel (Fr., Annapolis, MD)
7: Mary Barrosse Antle (Jr., Hockessin, DE)   
8: Katherine Dyke (So., Gastonia, NC)
C: Kat Lau (Fr., Lafayette, CA)

Second Varsity Four
1: Laura Gottesdiener (Sr., Newton, MA)                   
2: Julia Joliffe (Fr., Middlesex, UK)
3: Emily Tormey (Fr., Seattle, WA)                           
4: Katherine Dyke (So., Gastonia, NC)
C: Yassmin Parsaei (Fr., Savannah, GA)

Report filed by Tim Bennett, Yale Sports Publicity