Bulldogs Capture Team Title At Longhorn Invitational

Bulldogs Capture Team Title At Longhorn Invitational

Yale Goes Undefeated For Second Straight Day

AUSTIN, Texas – Yale captured the team title at the Longhorn Invitational on Sunday. Yale's five crews all cruised to victories over San Diego on the second day of racing to clinch the crown for the Bulldogs.

The varsity eight was challenged but held off USD 6:26.2 to 6:28.46.

The second varsity had an easier time, defeating USD 6:37.5 to 6:48.18.

The varsity four won by a little over six seconds, and the second varsity topped USD 7:31.8 to 7:36.28.

Yale's third varsity eight cruised to a 14-second victory.

"I am happy with the way we raced in every crew," said Yale head coach Will Porter. "It is very early for us. We started racing after only nine days on the water. We usually have about a month to three weeks of practice before we race.

"The Longhorn Invitational is a great regatta. I like the format of three races. It allows you to make changes and test them out right away."

The Bulldogs will race Penn and Columbia for the Connell Cup on Saturday at the Gilder Boathouse in Derby, Conn.

Yale Boatings

Varsity Eight (from the bow):  Maddie Lips, Madeline Dinse, Nina Demmerle, Colleen Maher, Kim Szokol, Kristina Wagner, Claire Tolson, Abbie Young and coxswain Christine Devlin

Second Varsity Eight (from the bow): Mieke Scherpbier, Natalie Lapides, Olivia Maclean, Kara Freeman, Abby Loucks, Kristjana Gudmundsson, Martha Cosgrove, Lydia Keating and coxswain Kristen Brownlee

Varsity Four (from the bow): Emily Patton, Brit Sharon, Kate O'Brien, Schuylery Ritchie and coxswain Laura Grimbergen 

Second Varsity Four (from the bow): Casey Wizner, Mary Farner, Regan Considine, Mimi Reichenbach and coxswain Sarah Weil

Report filed by Tim Bennett, Yale Sports Publicity